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Paid Support – VIP service

FelenaSoft offers paid support service to help you with the issues that are beyond free tech support. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to get into possible ways to solve the issue you encounter while using our software, don’t want to wait in line for the regular support, or want to have it done completely for you, you may want to engage the paid support and get response right from the development team. The premium service provides more personal level of support to meet customers’ demands better including but not limited to:

  • email support with 24 hours guaranteed response time,
  • installation and configuring software on your own server,
  • developing and implementation of a custom module or feature,
  • affordable $100/hour price tag;
  • adding integration with your system, etc.

Fee: There is a minimum charge of one hour for support requests. This payment covers the first hour of consultancy. If more time is needed we will provide a quotation based on the assessment we do within that first consultancy hour. Please give us as much detail as possible so that we could give you an exact quotation.

Remember that premium tech support will provide more personalized support and is more likely to have your issue fixed no matter how much time it may take or how complicated it is. If you are interested in using the service or have questions, please contact us.

For example, you can request assistance in setup of cameras, network devices, or any custom setup of Xeoma to your needs. See more here

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