Your own cloud video surveillance service – Xeoma Pro Your Cloud

Xeoma Pro Your Cloud is Xeoma’s special mode of work powered by Xeoma Pro licenses. Designed to enable easy and quick work with subscribers, it automatizes the work to the maximum. Administration of the service is carried out through configuration files, console or browser.

Administration of Xeoma Pro Your Cloud is easy for personnel with any level of technological background

What to start:

Download and launch Xeoma in the special Cloud mode;
– Buy and activate Xeoma Pro licenses;
– Setup and configure your Cloud video surveillance service.

Launch Xeoma Pro Your Cloud on your server, configure it for your needs and sell access to the service to subscribers. For reference, see how it looks in Xeoma Cloud that uses the same technology.

Launch of Xeoma Pro Your Cloud VSAAS service

It’s your cloud service now, and you decide on the terms of offering it to your customers – whether it will be a “per month”, “per year” or “lifetime” subscription and how much it will cost, total disk space assigned to each camera, and so on.

Subscribers can use Xeoma client app or browser to connect to their account, view cameras, download videos, etc.

Subscribers can connect to your new Cloud service in a number of ways

A special script will help integrate the service with your billing and automate work with users (adding, renewing a user account, etc.).

Xeoma Pro Your Cloud is billing-friendly

Free rebranding (OEM) is available – both the browser version and the application (Windows, Linux, LinuxARM, Mac, Android).

Free rebranding helps make Xeoma Pro Your Cloud truly yours

Thanks to the option to have a unified address of the server you can combine multiple server machines and users between them.

Detailed instructions on Xeoma Pro Your Cloud launch

Prices: $10.55-$53.95 per camera (bigger discounts for bigger packages). See full price list online


For example, if you purchase a license for 1024 cameras, the cost per camera will be $10.55. This is a one-time-payment while the licenses are for lifetime. You can sell subscriptions to your Cloud at convenient price (usually starting from $4/month). In this case, you will get your invested money back in just a few months!

Comparison with competitors:

Xeoma offers you and your subscribers the broadest functionality. You can create the desired subscription rates specifically for your target audience. For example, deluxe for those who want to have full freedom of camera stream format, resolution, storage space and time, or, low-budget rates with 1-day-storage and/or other limitations. You can also offer a unique opportunity to use intelligent modules in the Cloud (for example, license plate number or face recognition).

Performance Comparison:

Most competitors work only with Windows. Xeoma works on Linux, Mac, Windows, Android. Available are mobile and desktop applications, as well as the browser version with the user’s personal account and the admin panel.
In Xeoma, working with cameras is much faster due to the use of libraries, as well as parallel decoding on the processor, on the video core (Intel Core series with QSV), and on nVidia/CUDA video graphics cards.
Tests and user reviews show a greater number of simultaneously working cameras in Xeoma than in other programs (about 400 cameras per server using Xeon E5-2667 or i7-4770K class processors).
A greater number of cameras per server will allow you to save on equipment and the number of servers. Xeoma is much cheaper than programs from other manufacturers, so you can save even more by buying Xeoma.

Work with subscribers:

If you are an Internet service provider, you can offer easy cloud video surveillance connection without installing any additional components to subscribers of your network. Routers or any other static IP address substitutes will not be needed since the IP address you provide to users of your Internet is in the same network with your Cloud. It is also possible to connect cameras of subscribers not from your network (using rental of hosting, VPN, FTP, etc).

If a subscriber’s account is expired, the camera limits they have been using can be re-used by other subscribers.

Want to try?

Give Xeoma Pro Your Cloud a try! Request a test license for your organization for convenient testing.

Help and support:

Dealing with new software on your own might be long and difficult, so we will be happy to help! We will answer your questions, help you with the scenario you are interested in, give you a demonstration and help with customization.

We can help you, for example, with integration of billing, or rebranding.

Please let us know if we can help with the launch of your Cloud: we have a personal approach to each partner and the desire to always find a mutually beneficial option.