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Xeoma settings

Sometimes, like in this case, you need to find where Xeoma stores its settings files. Xeoma settings are stored in default user directory.

For Windows it’s:

Xeoma 17.11.7 and newer: C:\Program Files\Xeoma (either if Xeoma is installed or not installed)
Versions older than Xeoma 17.11.7: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Xeoma\ (either if Xeoma is installed or not installed)

For Linux:

/home/USERNAME/.config/Xeoma/ (not installed)

/usr/local/Xeoma/ (installed)

For Mac OS X:

Users/USERNAME/Xeoma/ (not installed)

Users/Shared/Xeoma/ (installed)

Please be careful: deleting settings files will erase all settings changes you applied, passwords, etc.


Autostart script

Depending on the operating system in use, autostart script can be found in:

If you need to edit the script (for example, to increase delay before start) you need to do that with admin rights. Xeoma server must be off, otherwise the changes won’t be saved.