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Looking to try the Lite version with sports tracking using a single camera. Can I do that? ​

The “Sports tracking” module is designed for automatic detection of a sports ball or players in camera’s field of view, and automatic tracking – rotation of the PTZ camera to always follow the object.
This is especially highly-demanded in video broadcasts of team sports events. The module can be used for soccer, basketball team games, in different playfield conditions.

Our sports tracking module doesn’t require anything except for Xeoma Standard/Pro license + Sports tracking module + any PTZ IP camera to your liking. It does not work with Xeoma Lite licenses.

Please contact us to request a demo license.

If you already have an activated Xeoma Lite license, then you can rename the settings folder and activate Xeoma demo licenses to test “Sports tracking” module.

Find more about the Sports tracking module in this article.

Action tracking is also possible in Xeoma Standard by means of PTZ tracking.

Moreover, you can stream live-videos from your camera in Xeoma to your Youtube channel with the help of “Streaming to YouTube” Xeoma’s module, available in Standard and Pro edition.

Find more about working with this module in our article.

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