How AI in video surveillance helps fight Coronavirus


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV virus, most feared for its contagiousness and potentially lethal severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Started in 2019 in Wuhan, China, it has since spread globally, resulting in 2019–20 coronavirus global pandemic with an average 3.4% death rate – over 15% in patients over 80 years old.

Drastic measures are taken in many states to ensure that people avoid contact until an effective vaccine is invented and thoroughly tested – a process that can take up to several years. That’s why we humans need help in fighting the pandemic.

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to analyze camera image and recognize specific events or objects.
Trained for anti-pandemic measures, tireless, unbiased, it can replace human staff so that they are not put at risk at the job of making sure that safety regulations and complied with.

Here’s what Xeoma’s AI can help with in the fight against coronavirus:


fever_detection_recognition_artificial_intelligence_video_surveillance_tools_fighting_covid_coronavirus_pandemic_xeoma With Xeoma video surveillance software you can use the video security system to detect fever (high temperature) in people in public places:
passengers arriving to or leaving from the country at airports, railway or bus stations, and other public transportation, or visitors of virtually any medical, shopping, entertainment or beauty establishments.

How it works: Using Xeoma’s “Thermal Camera Data” and HikVision thermal cameras you can detect fever. The module receives information about temperature from HikVision thermal cameras and triggers when the minimum, maximum or average temperature is equal to, higher, lower than the defined value, or is in the specified range.

Thermal Camera Data in Xeoma is a new powerful yet very affordable tool for solving tasks related to determining the temperature of objects. This module is available in Xeoma, starting from 21.10.13 version.

Also, you can use Xeoma’s “Color Recognition” module in combination with ONVIF-compliant thermal cameras, and set reactions to a temperature level (for example, fever) represented by a certain color.
High precision: at your choice, the system can have high or low tolerance to color change which means fluctuation in temperature for just a fraction of a degree.

Xeoma can store reports on detected events, send live notifications, and do customized reactions.

“Thermal Camera Data” and “Color Recognition” modules for fever detection can be used in airports, and other places of public gathering, in quarantine time or as a preventive measure.

Xeoma’s Fever Detection in PDF and in an article.


medical_mask_recognition_in_shop_store_mall_automatic_xeoma_software Wearing a facial mask in public places has proved to be an efficient way to withstand the virus spreading. This simple safety measure is made an official safety regulation by many governments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Mask Detector” feature of Xeoma Video Surveillance Software (part of the “Face Recognition” module) is fully automated, tireless and not prone to catching the virus itself.

It monitors the real-time camera image for people wearing or not wearing facial masks, and upon seeing the ‘offender’ can activate various reactions – from email or SMS notifications to dispatching an alarm to security officers.

Fields of application are once again places of public gathering: shops, medical organizations, beauty and entertainment establishments, airports, stations, public transportation and even streets.

Xeoma’s Mask Detection in PDF and in an article or in a video.


visitors_counter_artificial_intelligence_video_surveillance_tools_fighting_covid_coronavirus_pandemic_xeomaDuring the virus outbreak, safety regulations often oblige organizations to limit amount of people that can stay in a store, public place, etc.

Xeoma’s visitors counter can count how many people have entered or left an area or a place. The module can be used in combination with the Stay Time tracker (see “Face Recognition” below).

This module lets you draw a virtual line and is triggered if the drawn line is crossed by an object. For higher precision it can be used in tandem with the “Face Recognition” module to make sure that the “object” crossing the line is a human being.

The module is capable of detecting the direction of movement and counting how many times the line was crossed in certain direction.

Read more about the Visitor Counter or watch video about it



social_distance_picture_smallDue to Coronavirus outbreak almost each country decided to adopt particular regulations to prevent rapid spreading of the disease. One of these measures is social distancing.

New feature “Detect social distance” in AI-based intellectual module “Crowd detector” in Xeoma allows detecting distance violation between people and quickly react.

This way it’ll be possible to contain an outbreak as well as keep your business safe and secure avoiding penalty charges for violation of the regulations.

How it works: in “Crowd detector” module’s settings you need to choose “Detect social distance” option, draw a line (approximately the same size as necessary distance between people), configure other parameters and press “ОК”. If there’s social distance violation, you’ll receive the following message on the screen: “Distance violation”.

The module can be connected to notification modules (e.g. “Sending email”) and receive emails whenever there’s social distance violation. This will help quickly react and take measures accordingly.

More about social distance detection



facial_mask_recognition_in_airports_station_public_automatic_xeoma_software Not only amount of visitors is often limited by safety regulations, but there are also limitations in customers’ allowed stay time in a store, mall, shops, etc. which is how long they are allowed to be in the shop or other public place.

Xeoma’s “Face Recognition” module has mechanisms to track a visitors’ stay time and trigger reactions if the allowed time is exceeded. Moreover, since it’s the face recognition module, you will also have the offender’s picture and video evidence of the violation. When used with a city citizens’ database, automated fining system can be used with Xeoma.

Read more about Face Recognition in Xeoma


Xeoma is built on the construction set principle where you can add and combine functionality.
It offers freedom of choice of whether you want reports, alarms or video evidence – or all together – to be the result of a detected event.

artificial_intelligence_video_surveillance_tools_fighting_covid_coronavirus_analytics_xeoma_en Xeoma software can be used in combination with other tools or systems.

Fully automated, tireless, working 24/7, machine vision can be used in the pandemic outbreak without risking human lives – at prices more than affordable.

Works with 99% cameras in the world. Works on major OSes in Windows, Linux, Mac and Android families (+iOS client or browser view).

Easy to learn, undemanding on system resources, affordable and customizable, Xeoma solution can help your city or company get through these hard times.

Read more advice on personal and collective safety during the virus disease outbreak.

Important advice from Xeoma Xeoma keeps up to date with today’s needs. More modules effective during the pandemic are coming soon. For example, the module for detection of social distance violation. Let us know if you would like to try it before the release.

Other functions can be added for you. Let us know what needs you have, and we’ll make you an offer.

11 September 2020

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