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Video surveillance in a kindergarten


Video surveillance in a kindergarten

To install video surveillance cameras in a kindergarten or not is an ambiguous question. Video surveillance helps to increase the level of security in any building, but some parents are against having their child recorded on video, but installing video surveillance cameras in a kindergarten requires written consent from all parents.

Let’s take a look at what benefits can be obtained when installing video surveillance in a kindergarten.

It is no secret that many parents are very worried about how nursery teachers and nannies treat their children: what if they do not look after them, ignore crying, or maybe even worse, raise their voices at children or even use a physical force? You will not know this until the children learn to speak, and even if they have already learned, there is a chance that they will prefer to keep silent about such an unpleasant fact.

Installing video cameras in kindergarten

Video surveillance cameras have always served as a preventive measure – as a rule, the presence of CCTV cameras in the workplace always disciplines workers, which means that nursery teachers and nannies could no longer afford to behave non-pedagogically.

Video surveillance with Xeoma is reliable and easy. You can install both cloud and server version of Xeoma. With cloud video surveillance, all videos will be stored on our server, so only authorized users will have access – no one can view your videos except yourself. Xeoma Cloud gives you access to our cloud servers on a monthly subscription basis.

You can also install the server version of Xeoma, which stores archives on your server. In this case, you just once buy a Xeoma license and you can use it for an unlimited period of time.

Using Xeoma in your video surveillance system, you get the unlimited number of clients who can connect to the server and view the stream from the cameras.

Modules that can help make your video surveillance system in a kindergarten even more efficient:

  • Face Detector, Face ID, QR code recognition – all these modules help automate the access control system in a kindergarten. You can be sure that not a single unauthorized person will enter the territory of the kindergarten, as it can happen in kindergartens where turnstiles are not installed. Often there is a queue at the entrance to the kindergarten, and many people can enter the building with a person who has put his chip to a chip reader, so almost anyone can enter the kindergarten with the crowd.
  • If you need to detect crowds in some areas, the Crowd detector module will be a great help.
  • The Smoke detector is an indispensable tool in preventing fires. The module is capable of recognizing smoke, which means it can extinguish the source of fire in time and hence reduce the risk of victims.
  • The Slip and fall detector module is able to recognize falls of people in the monitored area. The detector is also able to recognize a fall from a chair, as well as an incomplete fall if a person slips and falls from a small height.
  • The Sound events detector will also help you stay alert: the module is able to recognize 5 types of sounds: baby cry, screams, glass break, alarm and gunshots.
  • The Privacy masking detector in combination with the Face detector module will allow you to blur the faces of your children if you don’t want that someone else besides you can see your child on the video.
  • You can also use the Emotion detector module to analyze the general emotional background in the room.

    Xeoma for kindergarten

    The installation of video surveillance systems is gaining momentum every year – nowadays it is very hard to find a room that is not equipped with video surveillance cameras. When you decide to install video surveillance cameras in your kindergarten, you already know how to make it as effective as possible.


    12 January, 2021

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