Xeoma video surveillance bundle- ready to use easy to install

Everyone wants an easy to use video surveillance software with various functions and competitive price sets. Xeoma video surveillance bundle is a new standard in the software industry. Xeoma contains all the features needed for the professional video surveillance:
– live view;
– ability to control your system remotely (open gates, turn on the light, start any APP you like);
– all PTZ cameras functions (including PTZ presets);
– advanced archive storage with many intellectual abilities;
– up-to-date intellectual modules and etc.

Video surveillance assembling

Taking into account your customer needs, you can tailor your video surveillance bundle, thanks to Xeoma proper architecture. Video surveillance system have to grow or shrink with your customer’s business. By adding new licenses you can grow your system, use update licenses to improve your video surveillance system leaving the same number of cameras. The flexibility of the video surveillance system is our priority.

Video surveillance assembling

On our site you can buy full video surveillance bundle depending on your budget. We can offer you several variants:
Xeoma based on Raspberry Pi kit with Tenvis HD WH-TH661 camera. You get Pi B+ board with power supply, WiFi dongle and case plus Indoor, Two-way Audio, Night Vision Camera with Micro SD Card Slot.

middle class solution
Xeoma based on Odroid Pi kit with HikVision DS-2CD2432F-IW camera. You get Odroid-XU4 board with case, Ethernet cable, power supply and SD card plus 3MP Indoor compact camera with Wi-Fi, 10m IR, 2-way audio.

premium solution
Xeoma based on Banana Pii kit with Axis M1013 or Samsung SNH-V6410PN camera. You get Banana PI M1 board with case, Ethernet cable and an SD card plus high quality camera.

If you din’t know what video surveillance bundle to choose contact us! Our specialists will help you according to your system needs.

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