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Drawer opening alert, space full alert and other small business needs: how to do in Xeoma

1) Cash Drawer Opening Alert.
Detection of almost any action or event in Xeoma can be done in either of the ways:

#1 – If we teach the system how this action looks. If we’re talking about opening a cash locker – we need to train system with lots of videos how it looks.

#2 – If the event or action can give a signal that it started and we need to take attention of it. If locker can give that signal over network or relay, we need to know how. If it cannot, only option #1 remains.
Option #1 usually takes 2 weeks and costs around $7200 to do. If you are willing to request this paid development, please let us know.
If not, we will need to get information how else the system can know that the locker is opened. It might probably be not as effective as option #1.

2) Unrecognized Face Alert.
Face Recognition module can be set to react only to the faces that are not in the database.

3) Fire Alarm
Smoke Detector module can be used in combination with reaction modules to send you an alert or trigger sound alarm, etc.

4) If someone disconnect NVR data storage than storage switch over cloud.
This depends heavily on the NVR itself: if it can detect the absence of storage space and send an HTTP command – yes, this system is possible.

5) Storage space (if full, send alert).
Problems Detector allows to create alerts like that.

Find more information about these and other Xeoma’s modules and features in our Support page and in Xeoma’s User Manual