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Why do I need FTP upload feature?

Upload to FTP server module icon Whether you are an experienced professional in video surveillance doing it for job, or a beginner who is concerned about safety, in some time you may come to understanding that if you want to do it seriously you need to provide backup for footage from cameras. That’s when Xeoma Video Surveillance Software module FTP server upload comes to help.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet. It is often used to upload web pages and other documents from a private development machine to a public web-hosting server.

Although many video surveillance software lack the feature of files uploading to an FTP server, it’s a highly recommended option for reliable and fail-proof video security system. That is why FelenaSoft included FTP upload module to the new version of Xeoma. Starting with Xeoma 12.4.28 you can use the FTP upload module to create backup of video surveillance footage or access it from another place. It is much more comfortable to store the data on a remote FTP server so that you and other authorized persons could have access to it whenever it’s what you need and want to do. It helps you manage space on your HDD in a more reasonable way. When you connect it as a destination module in Xeoma Video Surveillance Software the system will automatically upload recorded data (photos and video) to a remote FTP server.

Setting up Xeoma Video Surveillance Software FTP upload module is very easy. Just enter FTP server address, username and password, specify the full path to the stored material, intervals of uploading and what type of data you would like to have uploaded.

This powerful yet easy to handle feature in Xeoma is another confirmation of Xeoma motto: being professional is easy. Try it now for free!

28 April 2012

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