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Several monitors for video surveillance or Autostarting Xeoma in multiple screens mode

Suppose you have several monitors dedicated to video surveillance. You need to use this computer to connect to 2 different Xeoma servers, so that each occupies its own screen.

Starting with version 15.4.16 you can spread Xeoma over several monitors.

Create 2 Xeoma shortcuts. Access their properties and add these parameters to the path:
-clientIndex 1
-clientIndex 2


Now you can launch both shortcuts, go Main menu -> Remote access -> Connect to and indicate different server credentials for each window and tick the box Remember this password.

Add these shortcuts to Autostart.

You can also run Xeoma via console (or terminal) with the command -clientIndex 1 (1 is the shortcut number for a specific monitor). After that simply drag the shortcut to the right monitor and close the app. Now this shortcut is bound to that monitor.

This way each time Xeoma is launched with the command -clientIndex 2 (-clientIndex 3, -clientIndex 4, etc.) and closed on a specific monitor – a window will be bound to that monitor.

When this is done, these Xeoma shortcuts will run their windows on separate monitors.

September, 7 2017