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This is how Object Recognizer module icon looks like

Object recognizer in Xeoma.

xeoma_software_advices «Object recognizer» module is already available in Xeoma, but some options described in this article are still in development and not available yet. If you want to try new features, please contact us, we’ll gladly send you a test version.

Intellectual module «Object recognizer» in Xeoma is capable of recognizing necessary object types in camera’s field of view:

• Airplane
• Animal
• Bicycle
• Bird
• Boat
• Bus
• Car
• Motorcycle
• Human
• Sport ball
• Train
• Truck

This module is based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning that greatly improves its recognition accuracy.

Object recognition settings

There’s «Use the high resolution stream from archive» option available in the module’s settings, it means that module will be using higher resolution stream that is indicated in “Universal camera” module’s settings, and it can insignificantly increase CPU load.

«Object recognizer» can «Process selected objects» or «Not process selected objects», i.e. whenever module is triggered, it’ll pass (“skip”) the signal to the next modules in chain. If you need to detect one type of object and disregard another, then you can use 2 or more “Object recognizer” modules in the chain.

There’s also «Recognition interval» (time it takes to recognize particular object type) can be set in module’s settings. It can be used from 30 milliseconds and up to 3 seconds. The smaller the recognition interval, the higher the processor load will be.

Each object type is accompanied by «Recognition accuracy» field that is responsible for percentage of recognition accuracy.

Recognition accuracy

According to the selected percentage module will be looking for necessary objects in camera’s field of view. If you set up e.g. 90%, then Artificial intelligence will be looking for the objects that are 90% matching to the selected object type. So the lower the percentage, the lower the recognition accuracy, but recognition speed most probably will be faster.
You can choose multiple types of objects, but recognition accuracy will be higher if there are not so many objects in camera’s field of view.

Animal ID

Selected type (or multiple types) of object will be displayed on the screen as a frame with the name of the object and percentage of recognition.

Car recognition

You can use different modules after «Object recognizer» in the modules chain. They will receive the signal whenever «Object recognizer» is triggered.

ip cameras software

You can use «Preview and archive» module, for example, then it’ll start recording whenever particular object is detected. Or you can use «Sending email»/«Sending SMS» modules, this way notifications will be sent after recognition. Also you can use «Sound alarm» module to turn on warning alarm whenever «Object recognizer» detected the object. Flexible modular system in Xeoma allows creating any desired system based on «Object recognizer».

«Object recognizer» is an additional module and should be purchased separately. More information here.

«Object recognizer» module can be tested in any version for 1 hour, after that period of time settings will be reset and 1 more hour will be available for testing.

Also watch our video about “Object Recognizer”:

June, 19 2019

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