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Video surveillance software Xeoma

Video surveillance software Xeoma with AI and analytics

Xeoma is video surveillance software of the next generation. Truly user-friendly interface, regular and professional features, support for record number of cameras and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Linux ARM, iOS and Android).

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Cloud video surveillance Xeoma Cloud

Cloud video surveillance Xeoma Cloud

Xeoma Cloud is an easy and convenient way to have video surveillance without the need to buy and maintain expensive equipment. Only camera and Internet required!

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KnownCalls – free Android call blocker app

KnownCalls - Android app for call and text messages blocking and filtering

KnownCalls is the new absolutely free call blocker for Android that helps fight spam calls while respecting your privacy. No Internet required!

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Your own VSaaS Xeoma Pro Your Cloud

Your own VSaaS Xeoma Pro Your Cloud

Xeoma Pro Your Cloud is a way for you to create your own cloud video surveillance based on your physical server and sell subscriptions to your clients. For VSaaS of any scale, automated to the maximum.

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Video surveillance software WebCam Looker

Video surveillance software WebCam Looker

WebCam Looker is a time-proven multifunctional yet easy-to-use video surveillance software for webcams on Windows.

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Paid development, outsourcing and outstuffing

You can request paid enhancement of Xeoma, or creation of totally new software. We have a decade of experience of work in the international market and will help you realize your dreams.

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About us

FelenaSoft Company has been developing software products in the sphere of multimedia (video surveillance, video editing, 3D graphics, 3D medical systems and 3D games, neural networks, artificial intelligence) for end users and corporations from the USA, Europe, Asia and CIS since 2004.

Thanks to many years’ experience in cutting-edge agile software development and democratic and creative environment, our team of professionals creates original quality software products that are used worldwide.