Video surveillance mounting

When you are thinking about video surveillance mounting, no matter whether it’s you office, home, official building, it’s important to think about security fundamentals. You must consider all the parameters carefully.

Video surveillance mounting How to place a security camera
First of all you need to decide where the camera will be located. It depends on your needs (interior cameras or outside). If you use both variants you need to insure that these types of cameras are suitable for the environment where they will reside. Outside cameras must resist wind, rain, heavy snow and temperature changes.

Power supply
When cameras are chosen and you start video surveillance mounting another question that stands in your way is power supply. Nowadays data and video as well as power is received over Ethernet cable. This simplifies mounting of video surveillance cameras. You need to plug in the cable, assign a unique IP address to your camera and search in with simple IP search option in Xeoma. Camera installation has never been easier.

Mounting of video surveillance camera
Cameras can be easily stolen not only from your garden, but also from the pillars along the road. When you mount your camera you need to ensure that you use proper mounting accessories. It is better to place camera high and out of reach of people. Vandals can attempt to break your camera if they can reach it. So please pay attention to this point.


With Xeoma video surveillance mounting has become very easy. Once the camera is placed, you don’t need to do anything. Turn on Xeoma and it will find all your cameras automatically. Want face recognition? Teach the program to recognize faces of family members. When somebody “not from your list” will enter the house, the alarm will go on. It will prevent your property from being stolen.

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