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How to save money with video surveillance

Installation of video surveillance system with webcam application Xeoma is one of the best ways to save money, time and nerves It’s always a good thing to learn how to budget and save your money. Unfortunately, for many dominating is the ‘economy cut’ method – cutting off all expenses and buying everything cheapest.

Sad but true, it’s not the best way to save money. As they say, cheapest is the dearest. Odd as it is you can learn how to save money by buying high quality long term wares instead of cheap and short-lived ones. And what’s even more paradoxical, cutting off all ‘extra’ expenses can cost you too much as well. As you see, it’s a tricky thing to save your money.

Nowadays people tend to be concerned about health and safety issues. Video surveillance is not a luxury, nor a necessity anymore, but a means of having a peaceful state of mind and control over circumstances. Lack of it can cost you loss of valuables if your house gets burglarized or a car gets stolen. Same is at work where video monitoring may have a good effect not just on working efficiency but also on employees’ motivation (because this way they know that their employer cares about their safety), ignoring of video surveillance advantages can cut off your profit as well.

Nevertheless, there is no point in getting upset – deploying video surveillance system doesn’t always require such investments, felt like a robbery themselves. In fact, it is easy and affordable for everyone even without any experience in conducting video surveillance let alone setting up the systems.

We have once received a thank-you phone call from our customers. They were not tech savvy to say the least. But they knew how to save money, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, they successfully configured video surveillance software Xeoma and had been using it ever since to monitor their summer house.

The thing is that there is no need for you to call an expert to configure Xeoma application, like it is the case with analogue DVRs. What you need to do is simply connect any cams in your possession to your computer with whatever OS it is running, install Xeoma for your video surveillance system and use all of the advantages and possibilities of contemporary monitoring. Along with obvious security benefits, you can, for example, gain profit by analyzing video footage and finding out what marketing solutions draw more attention of your customers in your store and therefore boost sales.

Full-featured Trial version of the program, with no limitations in functionality, can be used for an unlimited period of time (settings are reset within 8 hours and after the program’s restart) but licenses are also more than affordable. Low prices – starting from about $3 per camera – are due to special offer to increase popularity of this new application. There are multiple versions of Xeoma software available: Starter, Lite, Standard and Pro. For each requirements and budget. Starter license can be purchased for as low as $5.95 for 1000 cameras for preview and 2 cameras to record into archive. Hurry up to buy licenses for such a low price – it is a limited time offer!

Moreover, you can save more, using video surveillance application Xeoma on free OS Linux Ubuntu. And if you cannot use computer at all, the application offers budget-friendly conditions of its Cloud video surveillance service! (monthly subscriptions + no equipment required, only cameras)

By the way, Xeoma’s mobile applications are free of charge. You can download Xeoma mobile application for Android and iOS in Google Play market or AppStore accordingly.

Xeoma is also a long-term way to save money. More than often maintaining your system in an up-to-date state requires investments no less than the cost of the system itself. This is often the case with analogue monitoring systems. Constantly developed cctv software Xeoma will allow you to keep your security system in up-to-date state without huge sums of money invested – updates are available from our site for free and you can upgrade your IP cameras and other parts of the system naturally as time goes by and you upgrade your computer’s components.

Try Xeoma for free – affordable luxury of safety, peace of mind and control over the situation for just $3 per camera.

October, 4 2012; Updated: April, 19 2021

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