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Telegram Bot Notifications

Telegram Bot notifications

Module for sending messages to the chat bot of the popular Telegram messenger The Telegram Bot notifications module is designed to send messages from Xeoma to one of the most popular messengers, Telegram, when the filter modules to which this module is connected are triggered. Using this bot, you can send messages with a static text or dynamic (using macros), as well as attach photos from the camera when the module is triggered. Starting from beta version 22.10.12 this module is included in Xeoma Pro and Trial modes.


Instant Alerts
Instant alerts
You receive notifications instantly, immediately after the configured modules are triggered
Notifications are received in real time
In real time:
You receive notifications in Telegram Bot in real time. Works on all operating systems.
One-time payment for the entire license
One-time payment. All Pro modules are already included in the license price. Affordable prices – here



Telegram Bot notifications works automatically. Connect the module to the chain after the detectors that you want to receive information about from the Telegram Bot.

The module requires an access token to the Telegram Bot. To get a token:

1. Open Telegram, in the search bar find “BotFather”
2. Run (/start) and create a new bot (/newbot)
3. Once created, get an access token, copy it.

Creating a Telegram Bot to receive direct notifications from Xeoma



1. Download from website and run Xeoma. Make sure you are using Xeoma in Trial mode or activate your Xeoma Pro license.
2. Add a camera or wait while Xeoma adds cameras found in your network.
3. Add the “Telegram Bot notifications” module to the chain after the required modules.
4. Open the settings of the Telegram Bot notifications module and paste the token into the Bot access token field, and enter the Bot access password.
5. In the Message text field, write macros or your own text that will be sent to the Telegram Bot. For example, the %PERSONS% macro for the Face recognition module will send all the information stored in the face database. The full list of macros used in Xeoma can be found here.

Settings of the Telegram Bot notifications module in Xeoma

6. Check the “Attach images” box, set the sending interval and click OK.

Done! Now you will receive messages in the Telegram bot when filters with information on specified macros are triggered.

Getting messages to Telegram Bot from Xeoma


Try the “Telegram Bot notifications” module with a trial license – request it via our contact form here



Have questions? Need help? Please contact us! We’ll be happy to help!


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October 14, 2022

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