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Activation of license renewal to continue getting software updates in Xeoma system security software

Depending on what license for Xeoma system security you buy, you might get a 1 or 3 years period of free software updates for free. What does this mean? Xeoma system security software is being actively developed. New features, sometimes even unique ones, are being added every day. Every once in a while we release new versions of Xeoma with improvements and new features. When a new version is released, you get a message in the program about the possibility to get software updates for your Xeoma. Within that 1 year/3 years of free updates period you get with your license you can update your Xeoma system security software to the newest version available.

But what should you do, when the free software updates period is over yet you still want to get the newest features and improvements? We suggest you to purchase license renewal for your licenses with up to 50% discount and enjoy another year of free new, interesting and useful versions, or purchase a 3-Years License Renewal Pack and forget about software updates issues for 3 years!

You should purchase renewal licenses to the number of licenses and cameras that are currently being used in Xeoma.

For example, you have 1 license for 32 cameras that was bought in July 2014 and a license for 16 cameras that was bought 6 months later in January.

License Date of purchase Free updates till
32 cameras 07.2014 07.2015
16 cameras 01.2015 01.2016

This way free updates period will expire in July 2015 for the first license and then in January 2016 for the other license.

If you try to update the video surveillance software after July 2015, i.e. after the expiration of the free updates for the 32 cameras license you will receive a message about the expiration of the free updates. There will be a choice to either get the new version but delete the license or stay on your current version. The best choice is to purchase a renewal – then you will get the latest version of Xeoma and keep your license.

In case when both licenses are activated on 1 server (for example, 45 cameras out of 48 are being used), then you will not be able to update Xeoma to the latest versions in July 2015, so as not to lose the license for 32 cameras.
To avoid such a situation we recommend you purchase and activate an extension for the license for 32 cameras in July or in advance.

The new update period will be activated from the moment the update period included in the license expires, so you can purchase and activate the renewal in advance.

Please note that license renewals are only for prolongation of software updates period. They do not upgrade your Xeoma system security software (do not extend the number of cameras in your original license). If you need to add more cameras in Xeoma, please buy more Xeoma licenses instead.

To activate a license renewal in Xeoma, you need to first launch the latest version of Xeoma system security software that your license can be used with, and make sure Xeoma is activated with it.

If you already have the activated version, you can skip to the next step.

Launch the latest version of Xeoma system security software that your license can be used with and activate the license

After you receive the message, Xeoma system security software is successfully activated:

Xeoma system security software is successfully activated

Please go to the Main Menu and check for the available software updates in Main menu -> Information -> Check for updates.

Check for the software updates

Xeoma system security software will show you the error message and warn you that it will start in the trial mode.

Error message in Xeoma system security software

Choose the “Activate” option and enter the license renewal serial number.

Enter the license renewal serial number

Now you can use one more year of updates for your Xeoma (or three years if yours was a 3-Year License Renewal).

Software updates license renewal is successfully activated in your Xeoma system security software

You can also paste both your Xeoma original license and license renewal serial number into the activation field separated by a semicolon.

Paste both your Xeoma original license and license renewal serial number to activate the software updates

Software updates license renewal for Xeoma system security is successfully activated

Activate updates via Windows command line:

Activate software updates in Xeoma via Windows command line

Also via Linux console desk (please put your serial numbers in ‘ ’) :

Activate Xeoma software updates via Linux console desk

Activation of one renewal for several expired licenses

If you have several expired Xeoma licenses and one renewal for them all and you need to activate them anew (for example, after move of the surveillance system to another machine), you will need to activate all license serials and a renewal in one go or each expired license with the renewal or in pairs based on the principle “Expired license1 + Renewal, then Expired license2 + The Same Renewal”.

Example: suppose you have expired Xeoma license #1 and its serial number is LICENSESERIALNUMBER1, and then you have an expired Xeoma license #2 with the serial number LICENSESERIALNUMBER2, and a renewal that prolongs them both – RENEWALSERIALNUMBER. To activate them, you need to activate them all in one go like


or in pairs like


and then