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You download torrent? Never in a thousand years!

Torrent? No, thanks!

Previously we have told you about the video surveillance software “cracked” versions and why it’s dangerous to use. Where did users download “cracked” versions? From so-called torrent file sharing sites. Please note when you download from torrent most likely you download the hacked version with a huge number of viruses. Hackers upload “cracked” versions to such resources, other users thoughtlessly download them to their computers. As a result, you put your computer in enormous danger.

No to torrent, yes to licensed version!

Download free version from our site, no viruses, no spyware or adware. A lot of features and about 20 modules in use. Create chains and use full video surveillance program for free. Xeoma version downloaded from the torrent can contain many trojans. This will lead to the user’s personal data leakage. Remember! In Xeoma licensed version there are no hidden fees and requests to enter your bank card number or other personal data. If you see such a field in Xeoma, remove the program immediately from your computer. For the official version visit only the developer’s website.

Why you shouldn’t download Xeoma from the torrent.

As we’ve said earlier, the version downloaded from such a file sharing service can bring a lot of trouble to your life. Also, you are likely to download the old or even very old version of the program with limited or incomplete, and maybe even missing functions. Agree that it is much more pleasant to use the up-to-date 2019 version than to be satisfied with the 2013 version, even if it is the most modern video surveillance program. The official version in comparison with the torrent allows you to use updates, receive notifications about new developments and functions, as well as contact customer support. The torrent version will never give you these features.

“Torrent”, “download torrent”, etc. – forget all these requests forever!

If you love yourself and appreciate comfort and safety, the torrent isn’t your story. If you still think that modern and high-quality software can not be obtained for free or as a promotion, you are mistaken. Discover the video surveillance world with Xeoma and we will definitely help you.