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Coming soon: “Fashion store” module in Xeoma

xeoma_software_advices “Fashion store” module is not available in Xeoma yet. If you’d like to test it please contact us.


Online shopping can get to a completely new level with Xeoma’s Artificial Intelligence technologies.
“Fashion store” intellectual module based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning is able to analyze the image from camera and allow trying on clothes online in front of the camera.

New AI-based feature “Fashion Store” will be available in Xeoma soon. By means of this module your client will be able to try on clothes in your store online without actual putting it on. Just imagine, online shopping for your customers in your store. Future is already here!

How to use: Upcoming module will be available in Xeoma soon, so you will need to add it in the modules chain, download pictures with clothes in necessary format and use it for your clients. Your customers can stand in front of the camera, Xeoma’s Artificial Intelligence will scan them, and this way they will be able to try on clothes right off the bat. This kind of new technologies will certainly become a signature moment of your store.

Application scenarios

New AI-based “Fashion store” module can be used in

  • Shopping center
  • Boutique
  • Online shopping website
  • Showroom
  • Marketing location
  • Clothing shop
  • Store



December, 28 2020

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