1. How popular are smart homes?
They say smart city will soon control everything in streets from trash bins to bridges.
75% of London residents have at least one smart device be it a voice assistant like Alexa or smart watch or smart home devices.
They truly make our life easier – how

2. Why should I get smart home?
Smart homes start from

Motion sensor Lights turn on automatically when you open the closet’s door (unlike refridgerator’s system when it’s a closed circuit sensor that turns light onwhen it’s broken)
Speaking of kitchen, the same lights-up system can be used for under the kitchen top shelves

time-of-day lights dimmering (solar panels)

gates closed/opened when a vehicle number is recognized

video doorbell with face recognition

motion-sensor water tap

Remote control of home appliances:
Microwave or a multi-cooker oven can start cooking at one touch of your finger (unfortunately you still have to put the food in there yourself). A roomba can be scheduled to start cleanup – or you can send a command via your smart phone.

Voice assistant can play your favorite song at your request or turn on a movie tell it to.

lawn mower

3. Next generation smarter homes – 0-click smart systems

Smart homes being a progressive 1-click systems are still yet to be improved. Next gen smart homes are controlled with no clicks at all, automatically based on the bahaviour, actions, events, without direct commands from user.

Video phone
Xeoma Face Recognition


Emotions -> music

Thermal cameras – > temperature

coffee – pressure sensor

Scheduled -> “ready to jump” pool water temperature

4. There is yet room for improvements. No actions required at all – mind reading.
Back Mirror Christmas episode showing a woman’s consciousness turned into the brains of the smart home – knowing all per preferences, habits an wishes. Hopefully this level of a home mimicking our desired is achievable without broken will of the other you – with just a little bit of the AI getting to know you better.
Let’s wait and see.