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Advanced license plate recognition in Xeoma

Vehicle license plate recognition in Xeoma video surveillance software

ANPR: license plate recognition

Icon for the license plate recognition module License plate recognition is a professional feature that can detect a vehicle or vehicles (cars, trucks, lorries) in camera’s live stream and read its license plate number, display the recognized license number and save video episode with it, as well as do various reactions. Works for a variety of countries and has a wide range of opportunities for integration with external systems and tools.




Xeoma software has a vehicle number plate recognition that works for Argentinian license plates
Xeoma software has a vehicle number plate recognition that can detect and identify Australian license plates
Looking for license plate recognition tool that works with Armenian numbers? Xeoma can do it
License plate recognition in Xeoma video surveillance software works with vehicles registered in Belarus
With additional openALPR tool Xeoma video surveillance software can recognize license plates of vehicles from Brazil
License plate recognition of Chinese vehicles number plates
Vehicles with license plates from European Union of United Kingdom can be successfully recognized in Xeoma
EU and UK
License plate recognition in Xeoma video surveillance can work with Gulf Cooperation Council vehicles
Vehicles license plate recognition in Xeoma CCTV software works with Georgia and former CIS countries
Automated number plate recognition in Xeoma works with Indian cars
With the help of a new openALPR tool, Xeoma's automated number plate recognition module works with cars from Indonesia
Japan is one of the countries that the license plate recognition of Xeoma CCTV software can work with
License plate recognition for Kazakhstan can be done in several ways in Xeoma video surveillance program
License plates of vehicles from Kyrgyzstan can be recognized in Xeoma software's advanced version
Xeoma video surveillance app uses advanced license plate recognition tools that work with Malaysia
License plate recognition for Middle East in Xeoma surveillance solution
Middle East
New Zealand is supported in Xeoma's license plate recognition module
New Zealand
License plate recognition in Xeoma surveillance solution works with North American countries like USA, Canada and Mexico
North America
Looking for license plate recognition of automobiles from Saudi Arabia? Xeoma can do it
Saudi Arabia
Automated number plate recognition for Singapore vehicles can be done in Xeoma video surveillance solution
Xeoma surveillance uses openALPR to do the license plate recognition for South African vehicles
South Africa
South Korea is one of the supported countries for Xeoma's automatic number plate recognition module
South Korea
Artificial Intelligence used in the enhanced version of Xeoma's license plate recognition provides improved recognition for vehicles from Russia
Thailand's vehicles license numbers can be recognized in Xeoma surveillance software with the openALPR tool
United Arab Emirates or UAE car license plates are supported by Xeoma's automated license plates recognition
Uzbekistan cars, trucks, motorcycles license plates can be recognized with the Xeoma's enhanced license plate recognition




ANPR in Xeoma CCTV can do multiple vehicles at a time
Works with all vehicles in view:
Recognizes license plates of all vehicles in camera’s field of view
ANPR in Xeoma CCTV can work in various weather
Day/night, all-weather:
The same module works in different conditions, including weather conditions, in day or night-time.
ANPR in Xeoma CCTV can work with various vehicles' types
Works with all vehicles types:
Recognizes license plates of all vehicle types.
Advantages of LPR by Xeoma: works with any speed
Any speed:
Works with any speed of a vehicle, and can be used in high-speed highways, etc.
Advantages of License Plate Recognition by Xeoma: flexibility and versatility
Flexibility and versatility:
Various reactions, including custom ones, integration with third-party systems.
Advantages of License Plate Recognition by Xeoma: affordable price
Affordable price:
Different options for almost any budget, one of them even works with a basic Xeoma Standard edition.



No special equipment required for the ANPR No special equipment or a powerful standalone server is required. Recognition load is on average 40% more than that of a regular camera in the program.


Any cameras can be used in Xeoma License Plate Recognition No special cameras with embedded recognition detectors required. Recognition processes are conducted on Xeoma’s side. High quality video stream is enough. Point the camera at an anggle that will allow computer vision clearly see objects, and make sure that the object is in the camera’s field of view for at least a few seconds. More about configuration of objects recognition
LPR in Xeoma VMS works on a variety of operating systems

Works on a variety of operating systems from Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Linux (ARM architecture) and Android families. Even on a micro computer like a Raspberry!


Vehicle License Plate Recognition in Xeoma VMS • detects vehicles in the camera field of view;
• detects vehicles’ license plates;
• recognizes digits in the vehicles’ license plates (with Xeoma recognition or third-party tools);
Vehicle License Plate Recognition in Xeoma VMS works in archive recordings as well • writes down recognized license plate numbers, date and time of recognition into a CSV report;
• allows search through video records for specified license plate numbers;
Vehicle License Plate Recognition in Xeoma VMS can be trained to react to whitelisted vehicles
Vehicle License Plate Recognition in Xeoma VMS can be trained to react to blacklisted vehicles
• allows adding of licenses to “white” or “black” lists to ignore or react to;
• allows adding of text comments to each identified car;
• allows use of an external database of license plates, for example, a city police database to search for missing cars;
• generates events that can trigger external integrated systems (open the gate barrier, turn on the light, etc.);
and many more!
• can send an archive with the xml file of detected license plate and time of detection, and a photo of the vehicle (with the “ANPR Sending to FTP” module);
• can determine a moving vehicle’s average speed (and react to speed limit violation) (with the “ANPR Speed Receiver” and “ANPR Speed Sender” modules);
• can identify violators of traffic lights rules (with the “Color Recognition” module);
• can recognize violators of a speed limit when a hardware speed meter is used (with the “Vehicle Speed Detector” module).


Watch video about License Plate Recognizer

License Plates Recognizer in pictures:

ANPR in Xeoma VMS



Xeoma’s license plate recognition can work with four different tools types, each one providing unique combination of price, supported countries, recognition success rate and ease of use:

(Xeoma Pro edition)

This method is working right after you add the “ANPR” module into your chain. Cheapest and fastest-to-start option but with limited set of countries.

LPR for cars, trucks, and motorcycles in Xeoma VMS

Countries recognized: Russia, Kazakhstan

* one of the cheapest options – already included into the PRO license
* easiest option – no additional licenses or tools needed
* fast start – works as soon as you add it, no need to download anything else

See more in ANPR module Setup Guide


(Xeoma Pro edition + openALPR free version)

This method requires you to add the “ANPR” module and use the openALPR third-party tool instead of Xeoma’s embedded algorithms. The openALPR tool has a free yet old version (licensed under AGPL) that opens up opportunity to recognize license plates of several countries. The work with the tool is automated and requires just 1-click action.

ANPR in Xeoma VMS

Countries recognized:
Australia, Europe and UK, USA, Singapore, South Korea.

* no openALPR license required, you just need a Xeoma Pro license;
* automated work with Xeoma, done completely from Xeoma’s interface.

* limited amount of supported countries. If you want more or better recognition rate, you’ll need a paid version (see below).
* openALPR is a third-party tool. We do not own or develop it nor can we influence its development or quality.

See more in openALPR Setup Guide

(Xeoma Pro edition + openALPR paid version license/subscription)

If the free version of openALPR tool doesn’t work too effectively for you or if it lacks support of recognition for your country, you can use a more expensive paid version of the openALPR tool. This method is much like method TYPE 2 (with free openALPR version) but with enhanced recognition quality and more supported countries.

Vehicle license plate recognition works with openALPR tool

Countries recognized:
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Europe and UK, Great Britain, GCC, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Middle East, New Zealand, North America – USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, UAE, USA.

* a wide array of countries supported
* free (yet outdated) version available for Australia, Europe and UK, Singapore, South Korea, and USA.
* free test licenses available for tests of the paid version from the manufacturer’s site

* openALPR is a third-party tool. We do not own or develop it nor can we influence its development or quality
* licenses for the paid version can be quite expensive
* new version is paid and requires manual actions before you start using it

See more in openALPR Setup Guide


(Standard/PRO + Additional license)

When the license plate recognition made by Xeoma’s own mechanisms embedded into the ANPR module is not enough, you can purchase a license for this Additional feature and use the improved quality of recognition of the former-CIS countries’ vehicles plates.

Vehicle license plate recognition in Xeoma VMS has an advanced recognition method for CIS countries

Countries recognized: former CIS – Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan

* our own development and we can improve it according to your needs
* good recognition success rate
* all supported countries included into the license
* can be used over cheaper Xeoma Standard edition

* requires Additional license.

More about this feature coming soon.


Important advice from Xeoma In Xeoma, third-party tools can be added for license plate recognition. Contact us to request addition of your selected third-party LPR tool.



Municipal/police: automated scanning of city cameras for missing vehicles: stolen or known to belong to criminals.
City surveillance: automated monitoring of road traffic situation, detection of violation of speed limit or traffic light conditions; autonomous work with fee charging systems.
Business, corporate: automated entry to the enterprise territory. A vehicle’s license plate will be the pass.
Business, corporate: automated alarms (or other reactions) at detection of vehicles from a black list (for example, belonging to fired employees or returning shoplifters).
Personal residences: automated entry for whitelisted vehicles to a private residence; automated alarm at detection of vehicles from a black list (for example, from a restraining order after a separation trial).
Farming: automated alarms (or other reactions) upon detection of any vehicles near ranging zones, even in far-off areas, with low Internet bandwidth.
and many more.

ANPR in Xeoma CCTV

ANPR in Xeoma CCTV



1. Launch Xeoma. Make sure your Xeoma is in a trial edition or activate a PRO edition license.
2. Add a camera or let Xeoma add a default one for you.
3. Add a ANPR module to the chain.
4. Set the module up by selecting countries whose licenses the ANPR needs to recognize; reactions, etc.
See detailed setup guide here



Try the ANPR module in the Xeoma video surveillance software with a free trial license. Request it from our contact form here



Any questions? Assistance required? Reach out to us! We’ll be happy to help!


Important advice from Xeoma If the License Plate Recognition doesn’t work for some reason, or you need more, it can be tailored for you in course of Xeoma’s paid development program. Read more about paid development

March 5, 2020

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