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6 Reasons To Prefer DIY Video Surveillance System To ‘Professional’ Installation

6 Reasons to prefer DIY Video Surveillance System To 'Professional' Installation

Thinking about deploying a video surveillance system but not sure, whether to do it with your hands or employ professional installers? Here are our Reasons List why handmade video security is better.

#1 Safer. Hard to find who you can trust. It’s even harder to find companies that you can trust your safety to. If you want to cut down costs and employ a company no one has ever heard of before you risk to run into so-called “trunk slammers” in which money is the least you can lose.

Sadly, statistics show that most of those who decided for video security installation had lived through an unpleasant incident. If you have suffered from break-in already, you don’t want to risk it for the second time by giving your privacy and safety into wrong hands, do you?

#2 Many times cheaper. Apart from huge costs of having someone deploy a video security system installation for you, according to the recent research by the Witch? magazine companies providing video security installation charge up to $30 a month for alarm monitoring plus up to $70 for registering by the police. There was a wide opinion that insurance companies offer a discount of 2% to 15% on the cost of home insurance if you have a burglar alarm. However, researches show that it’s usually less than $10, so it doesn’t really make any difference. At the same time, video security system installation with your hands costs low or nothing at all when done using resources available.

#3 Full control. When doing video security system installation by yourself, you’re the one to decide what to install, how to operate it, what you need and how to achieve that. Sadly, most people turn to professional installers simply because they don’t believe they can find answers to some questions they might have, themselves. This brings us to the advantage #4.

#4 Easier. The simplest systems are usually the most effective. Second most popular basic anti-burglar system (after the guard dog) are open or closed circuit alarm systems which are good for guarding of the perimeter. When the offender is already inside, motion detector will work best. Various resources in Internet will help you find the right cameras for you and answer your questions. Also you can get help from developer of the chosen video surveillance software. You can create such a system for home or car monitoring on your own following this simple instruction.

#5 Leaves no mess after it. If you only need a PC and a camera to create a simple but effective video surveillance system, obviously it won’t leave so much to clean up after it’s up and running.

#6 No fines. Many switch to the professional type of installation out of movielike misconception that in case of invasion the alarm goes off and police immediately shows up at the scene. If installers set it up to send repeated messages to the policy without pre-arrangement and, naturally, payment, this is illegal and may result in a fine. When choosing DIY video security system installation, you decide what your surveillance needs are and how much you are ready to pay for them. Another good thing about DIY video surveillance installation is that it is easily enhanced and upgraded. And, even if you get disappointed with your handmade video surveillance installation, you can always turn to the experts any time, not the other way round.

Of course, these facts don’t necessarily apply to all of the expert video security system installations and companies. Simply put, with DIY video surveillance installation you don’t risk any money and can change your mind so easily that it is worth trying. However, whatever option you choose please don’t forget about consistency. No video surveillance system will help if you forget to turn it on or don’t close the doors. False alarms are worse than no alarms at all. This all being said, make sure to take some time to learn the system, set up and test it, and make a habit of turning the system on.

We hope that after reviewing these considerations you will feel that Do-It-Yourself video surveillance system makes a good investment.

14 February 2012