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Mobile video surveillance with Xeoma free Android app

Mobility has become a game-changer in so many business verticals, allowing to control production, service centers, office on the go, multiple locations at a time. Consequently, mobile video surveillance is on the rise and is likely to continue.

With this increasing demand for mobility in mind, we brought Xeoma to another platform – Android-based devices. With the new free Android app for remote video surveillance Xeoma you can bring the maintaining of your business and home security system to a whole new level.

The spheres of mobile video surveillance application

In offices, security cameras encourage staff to work more efficiently and help to provide a safer environment. Plus, cameras are proven unbiased witnesses in case of incidents and investigation.

At home, video surveillance can provide peace of mind: the all-seeing eye will not just record everything in front of cameras, but also send you alerts and allow you to log in to see what cameras see, from a mobile device, from anywhere in the world. Tired at work? Take your phone and log in to your video surveillance system just to see your pug unsuspiciously relaxing in your bed. This little cutie! Now back to work!

In the construction and building business, it’s used for a central office to monitor the course of actions, pace, and progress in construction.

In restaurants and cafes, on hotel reception, store cashiers, and so on, video surveillance can help detect money thefts and frauds, and counteract fraudulent claims.

At schools, remote video surveillance provides a safer environment for kids to concentrate on the learning process and for teachers to do their job without fear.

Basically, what mobile video surveillance offers is the ability to check in several, perhaps even hundreds, locations so spread out geographically.

You don’t have a video security system yet? Time to get one! With technology advancing so fast, getting and setting up your own video surveillance system is now a child’s play! Especially with Xeoma whose lego-like architecture allows for maximum flexibility and easy-to-understand control!


How to get started with the app:

Xeoma video surveillance mobile apps in Google play
Step 1
Enter Xeoma in the Google play search bar and you will see two apps.
Xeoma video surveillance app in Google play

Xeoma video surveillance client app in Google play

Step 2
Choose the app that suits you:
The application Xeoma video Surveillance works as a server part, where you can fully manage the interface, creating chains of modules, etc.

The application (Client part only)Xeoma Video Surveillance only works with the client-side of the program, and you will be able to view your cameras that you have configured in the server-side.
Step 3
Download the free Android app Xeoma, install, and run it. You will see that the app is almost an exact copy of desktop Xeoma you are used to. As powerful and as easy to manage as before, now also incredibly flexible.

How the mobile app for Android Xeoma video surveillance works

Main menu in Xeoma free Android app
The Android app will auto-detect your cameras (including the built-in camera if it’s available) and connect them. You can use Xeoma in the regular editions – free, trial, and commercial, with commercial being the edition perfect to experience all the powerful features of Xeoma in action.
With Xeoma free Android app, your Android-based device can become a video security system itself. Connect the cameras, set events and reactions up, assign user rights and much more for your new standalone mobile video surveillance system.

Quick settings window in Xeoma free Android app to set up the modules fast Detailed settings window for visual and flexible configuration. Click on module to open its settings

How the mobile app for Android (Client part only)Xeoma Video Surveillance works

Connect to a remote video surveillance system where Xeoma is launched, or create a standalone video security system on board of this device
Only client’s part will be launched. Xeoma can be used as a client part to connect to Xeoma server on another device (desktop or mobile). Fill in the fields in Connection Dialog (Main Menu -> Remote Access -> Connect to) to connect to that machine.

As a client part, Xeoma free Android app will connect to that remote server part of Xeoma on another machine, and you will be able to view cameras live and recorded archives, apply changes to settings.
Xeoma free Android app for mobile video surveillance on Nexus device
This is how the start and main page of the app will look, where you will view videos from your cameras.

Push notifications

Xeoma free Android app icon in notification bar on your Android device
With the “Pop-up window (in Client)” module (Destination tab in Xeoma’s upper bar of modules) you can receive push notifications on your Android, for example when there is motion detected in the field of view of the camera. Unlike regular desktop versions of Xeoma, where this module simply deminimizes the minimized Xeoma client window, the Window Popup module on Android will, when triggered, make a notification sound, flash LED lights and show Xeoma icon on notification bar of your device.

You can view this notifications’ info and find out when motion was detected. Clicking on this notification will take you to Xeoma where you can view the motion event or take other necessary actions. The icon will be shown in the notification bar until you open Xeoma, so even if you were away at the time of detection, you will not miss it.

Starting from the beta version Xeoma 20.10.22, the Mobile notifications module is also available for Android devices. This module allows to receive notifications in mobile devices running Android even without connecting to the server (unlike the simpler module for mobile notifications “Client Window Pop-Up” that requires the app to be always running to push alerts). This module allows you to receive notifications, even if Xeoma application is not running on your Android device. Stay up to date with standard notifications on your Android – on the lock screen, in the Banners area, or in the Notification Center.

PTZ control

In the Xeoma app for Android you can also use the PTZ camera control feature. For your convenience, use the touch screen to change the camera view angle. Please note that PTZ control feature is available on all supported by Xeoma devices and platforms. You can find detailed instructions on how to set up and use the PTZ control functions here.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I have to pay for Xeoma Cloud to connect to my camera through your application on Android? If you are connecting to Xeoma on your own server – no, Xeoma Cloud is not necessary to access your cameras.
If you are connecting to cloud.xeoma.com – yes, you will require a subscription to Xeoma Cloud in order to keep accessing the cameras. Read more about Xeoma Cloud in this article.


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