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Security for Jewelry Stores

The development of electronic security has the potential to increase the jewelry store security like never before, especially when it comes to video surveillance cameras and alarms.When surfing the news, one can notice that there’s an act of jewelry robbery almost every day all over the world. Since gold and precious stones are a stable currency in any country, criminals of all levels (from armed robbers to street hooligans) aim to rob jewelry stores. That is why jewelry store security must use all possible technical means. Today one of the most effective methods of protection from such troubles is video surveillance. With the help of cameras, you can not only record the moment of burglary or an armed attack (e.g. smash and grab form of jewelry robbery) but also prevent a crime itself.

To make video surveillance system an effective security tool, cameras should be installed in the salesroom, as well as near the store entrance, at the checkout counter and safe depository. Such a broad surveillance network will make it possible to solve a wide range of issues.

To ensure effective security, video surveillance network in a jewelry store should cover all the store's parts.Video surveillance as the main tool in jewelry store security will help:
– improve workplace discipline;
– solve conflict situations with clients;
– avoid mistakes when dealing with money;
– ensure order on the sales floor;
– prevent crime and jewelry robbery.

Since manager can adjust remote view from cameras via personal smartphone, laptop, etc. and oversee the work of the staff from anywhere in the world, video surveillance will stimulate the staff to be more responsible and concentrated at work.

Sometimes there are conflicts with clients due to misunderstanding or simple mistakes. The installation of CCTV cameras will help solve such situations: it will be enough just to view the record and see who is right. For example, you can see which banknotes were taken from the customer or how much change was given back, etc. But cameras can also discipline visitors of the store: visible surveillance systems motivate people to be more careful, attentive and polite.

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The importance of video surveillance systems for jewelry stores is that they often become the link that helps put the authorities on the right track.As mentioned above, one of the most important tasks of jewelry store security is crime prevention. There’s been a growing trend over the past years of robberies of jewelry stores. Whether it’s what is commonly called “smash and grab” or armed robbery, it is always danger and damage. But with professional video surveillance system installed in a jewelry store, all the expensive jewels will be safe. Most of the criminals give up on the planned jewelry robbery due to a professional jewelry store security system.

Unfortunately, there’s a tendency of criminals becoming bolder, and sometimes jewelry store security systems can’t stop some of them. But you should always remember that technology is for good and it is always on your side! With the help of professional video surveillance, it is possible to use the footage to prevent jewelry robbery and track the burglars down. Keeping a tight watch on what happens plus instant alerts and SMS/email notifications will help to hurl all effort into getting the thieves as fast as possible.

July, 3 2018

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