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Video surveillance installation in the institutions of higher education

Recently, as the technologies are developing, video surveillance installation in the institutions of higher education is becoming increasingly important topic. In public places and in their surrounding areas where the flow of visitors is not controlled, administrative offenses, like smoking, drinking alcohol and even drug use are committed with ever increasing frequency.

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video_surveilance_installation_institution_of_higher_education_xeoma Often in educational institutions arguments arise regarding lecturer’s qualification and student’s diligence. Often these arguments escalate into major conflicts and even crimes. Also, if the educational institution is not equipped with video surveillance, the opportunity of a lecturer to keep his reputation clean and prove that he does not take bribes significantly reduces. Without video surveillance it is difficult to define those responsible for vandalism acts, as well as to determine who of the conflicting parties is in the right.

Video surveillance installation will help solve a number of problems: if you set a camera in a classroom, you will have an opportunity to obtain reliable information on the educational process organization, on lecturer’s qualification, on student’s motivation, as well as to eliminate the lecturer’s prejudicial treatment to the students, because modern cameras, in addition to a clear image, can transmit undistorted sound. Integration of video surveillance cameras in the institutions of higher education helps ensure safety of students and lecturers, and video material may be evidence in case of review of emergency situations and conflicts. The mere fact of the camera’s installation becomes a limiting factor, which helps prevent improper conduct of students or lecturers. Undoubtedly, after video surveillance installation the level of discipline in the institution of higher education will increase, and this will affect both students and lecturers.

institution_of_higher_education_video_surveillance_installation_xeoma Xeoma software installation will help improve the security system of the university, because the developers have provided the necessary functions: “Face detector” module will help identify visitors and prevent from visits of unknown persons. With the help of the additional module “Face ID” in Xeoma it is possible to detect face in camera’s field of view and compare it with the photo from database received from access card. This module works in conjunction with “Smart-card reader” or “QR-code recognition”. These modules can ‘read’ ID and send personal account information to “Face ID” module. This functionality helps to automate the access control system at the university and to avoid the penetration of unauthorized persons. If you include the “Visitors counter” module in the outdoor surveillance camera, this will help keep the university’s visiting statistics. The enhanced video archive viewing allows you to search for a video according to the desired date and time. In case of vandalism acts it will be possible to establish the exact time of an incident and to identify guilty persons. The “Smoke Detector” and the “Abandoned object detector” modules allow you to prevent or promptly respond to the body of fire and suppress terrorism acts.

Video surveillance installation requires a systematic approach: it is necessary to arrange outdoor surveillance cameras over the main entrance (to identify all visitors of the institution of higher education), as well as to protect all areas: wardrobe (because that is where the most thefts are committed), classrooms, laboratories, accounts department, corridors, staircase landings, fire exits, technical and utility rooms, warehouses and archives. It is also important to protect the institutions of higher education over the perimeter of the adjacent territory and to install outdoor surveillance cameras, as most unpleasant incidents and accidents take place in the street.

Summarizing, we can say that the security organization in the institutions of higher education includes the video surveillance system installation, which is perhaps the most important element of any safety system, and the use of reliable professional software Xeoma can significantly increase the effectiveness of the security system.

09 February 2017

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