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Article from our user: At home with Xeoma: have peace of mind when you’re gone, and when you’re asleep

Upon searching for days and days for software that allows me to properly monitor my home and assets without going broke doing it; I came across Xeoma. It promised tons of features, at a fraction of the price of literally ALL the competition. I was a bit leery after numerous failed bits of software from everywhere else. I live in a rural area, that is progressing worse and worse every day.

After a bit of research, I decided to try the free version. Same basic functions, without the bells and whistles(or so I thought). Xeoma is hands down the best video security software I have tried yet. I had some old USB cameras lying around I used and seamlessly integrated into use while the competitors barely had options for this.

I live in the middle of an outside entryway, 12-unit apartment building so I’m able to cover all of the parking lot, entryway, and both corridors leading to my front door as well as an inside camera to keep an eye on the main room/entryway.

The features almost seem endless, from face recognition, and emotion detection, to license plate readers and text identifiers. Motion activation is my main feature I use. I don’t like to sit and have to watch my cameras and most of the time I have the monitors off and the system still running. The alarm feature, and mobile access are great too. You can check your cameras from anywhere with an internet connection.

I’m alerted in real time, the video isn’t grainy or blurred, and my cameras and software haven’t crashed or lost connection once since ive started using it. This software does it all for those of us on a tight budget. I live very modestly, and this software has been a real peace of mind, especially with not having tons of money to spend.

The licensing options even include a rental option if you can’t afford the yearly options.

Being on a budget, i wish i would have known about Xeoma sooner. I’ve tried all the other software that promises “Total peace of mind and security for you and your loved ones and business,” and they all have fell short. Some offer only an hour trial, or a free version that doesn’t work, has no features, or loses connectivity all the time. I don’t get that with Xeoma. It’s dependable, works as promised, and the customer service and support is second to none.

All in all this last week I’ve been so satisfied, and have peace of mind when I’m gone, and when I’m asleep.

I highly recommend this software to anyone, whether you have a one-bedroom apartment you need to keep an eye on or a multi-million dollar business. Trust me when I say, that Xeoma security software is the BEST out there. I haven’t even gotten to try all the features and actually sit down and play with all of them yet but i am thoroughly impressed by the functionality, integration, features you can actually use, as well as the customer service team.

In my honest opinion, Xeoma needs to be EVERYWHERE, and advertised in even more places. I’m so grateful and thankful for Xeoma. Its really great to know somewhere, a company like this exists and cares.

September 29, 2023