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Fire Detection – automated spotting and reaction to flame

Fire Detector is for quick detection and reaction to an ignition emergency

Fire Detection - automated spotting and reaction to flameFire Detection is a neural-network-based feature in Xeoma that will help your video cameras system quickly detect a fire in the camera’s view, and take action to deal with an emergency before it causes a tragedy that could result in casualties, property damages or other losses. It does not require special equipment or sensors, therefore it can be used even outdoors.





Any equipment can be used with Xeoma Fire Recognition feature
No special equipment required:
Regular commonly available off-shelf computers and any cameras can be used. Just make sure the image is clear.
Advantages of fire detection in Xeoma video cameras system: flexibility and ease of use
Simply flexible:

Easily configured, can work in conjunction with other modules as well as external sensors, devices. Various reactions available.
Non-stop real-time work
Real-time first-hand:

Works with live feeds in real-time mode, free of latency.
Advantages of flame recognition in Xeoma video cameras system: cost-effective and affordable
Affordable solution:

Included in Xeoma Pro edition ($23 USD per camera on average) to complement the earlier released “Smoke Detector”. No need to buy an Additional license.



Automatic fire detection is a valuable aid in dealing with fire emergencies. Together with other fire-fighting measures or on its own, this new feature from Xeoma system for video cameras will help to quickly detect a fire. With multiform reactions you can get an urgent notification in no time and thus be able to take measures to localize the fire source, extinguish it, and most importantly – timely evacuate employees, visitors or immobile patients.

In addition to the previously available smoke detection starting from version Xeoma 20.11.30, Xeoma video surveillance software offers fire detection. With easy setup and no need for highly specialized equipment, this AI-powered capability can be used in private and commercial environments, in hazardous areas and in everyday life. More details below:

Automated fire recognition in hazardous production, industrial or storage spheres

Working with explosive or flammable substances

Safety of employees in enterprises that handle or store potentially dangerous substances like flammable compounds or explosive equipment has always been the highest priority and the greatest challenge.
Numerous measures are taken to increase safety levels to the maximum, but you know that no measures will be superfluous when it comes to health and environmental hazards.

The Fire Detector feature in Xeoma video cameras system analyzes the camera image 24/7, no breaks, fatigue or distraction, which makes it an excellent addition to the security system for a small price in the industrial sphere.

Perfect for gas stations, atomic power stations, various plants, storages of gasoline and other flammable liquids etc.

Flame recognition can be used in home video cameras systems

Safety at home (private use)

There are potential sources of ignition in almost every home. They can be stationary (such as a fireplace or gas stove) or mobile (such as candles, garlands, heaters, and other electrical appliances). With proper operation emergencies are not supposed to arise with them – but let’s admit it: people make mistakes. Mistakes like placing burning candles next to an open window with a wind-swaying curtain, or putting a wet towel over a heater to dry it up, and forgetting about it. Let alone unforeseen faults in wiring, gas pipes, that truly cannot be predicted or helped.
In any of the cases, the automatic fire detector of Xeoma will quickly spot fire and, used in conjunction with smart home systems, will signal them to start extinguishing operation or call a fire brigade. Alternatively, it can notify you so that you decide on further actions.


Fire detector in business and municipal organizations like schools or hospitals

Fire recognition in business and municipal organizations (schools, hospitals, etc.)

Fire prevention and fighting measures are a necessary condition for the operation of any enterprise or business. Inadequate or ineffective anti-fire measures or other security breaches can lead to fines, a ban on business, or in the worst case – to a true disaster.
Xeoma’s advantage is that it is a multi-purpose solution: the program can be used by any organization in different ways because Fire Detector can be used for improving security – along with over 100 other video analytics capabilities.

Perfect for shopping malls, schools, restaurants, hospitals, factories, parking spaces, storage businesses, etc.

Ignition detection can be used to detect wildfires in vast territories

Open spaces, security of vast state territories

Skeptics might say that hey, you can’t miss a wildfire because it’s huge. But that’s only because we see a forest fire when it has already reached catastrophic proportions. Like all fires, forest fires start out small, and get into the snowball effect, growing proportionally each minute. By detecting the fire in underbrush and dry grass as quickly as possible, the costs of extinguishing will be so many times lower than eliminating a fire several miles wide.

Xeoma’s “Fire detection” might be the only adequate (including the price) option for detecting fires in vast areas of nature reserves, parks, or forest belts located in the vicinity of settlements, helping you spot and eliminate the fire source while it’s still possible!



Although based on artificial intelligence technologies, the feature is not overly cpu-intensive An ordinary modern computer can cope with the load from the feature. No dedicated computer or server is required for just this feature.


Fire detection works on various operating systems Smoke detection can work in machines with any of the supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX (both with/without GUI), Android. Fire detection works on Windows and Linux only for now.


Xeoma's fire detection is an affordable solution that can save lives
Affordable price: The feature is economically available with the Xeoma Pro professional edition license that can be combined with other Xeoma Pro licenses, licenses for Additional modules and even the Xeoma Standard edition.


Please note: “Fire detection” is a feature inside the “Smoke Detector” module available under the Xeoma Pro license.


Xeoma video cameras system advice Starting with Xeoma 23.12.7 “Smoke and fire detection with CUDA” working mode is available in “Smoke Detector” module. Powered with enhanced artificial intelligence algorithms this mode allows to detect smoke and fire with even higher accuracy. Note that this mode requires using an NVIDIA GPU with CUDA support on your server.
Xeoma video cameras system advice In Xeoma, you can use other smart capabilities for home and business – from recognizing emotions and mood to integration of vide camera feeds with cash registers, access control systems, external systems and devices. There are also plentiful reactions including your own custom reactions and notifications.
See more information about these and other modules in the Support section



1. Download Xeoma from official website and launch it. Make sure your Xeoma is in a trial edition or activate a license for Xeoma edition.
2. Add a camera or let Xeoma add a default one for you.
3. Add the “Smoke Detector” module to a chain.
4. Select “Fire detection” from the dropdown list of “Work method” option in the module’s settings.
5. Add necessary filters and reactions to the chain to get the desired reaction.
6. Done!




You can request free demo licenses for Xeoma here. Enter your name and your email to send the license to in the fields below, and click the ‘Get Xeoma free demo licenses to email’ button.



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Important advice from Xeoma Need something else? This module doesn’t meet your requirements? We can add necessary functionality in Xeoma on the paid development basis. More

December, 7 2020, Updated: December, 19 2023

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