Video Surveillance Arrangement: 3 main questions

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You have a business, bit you don’t have a security system. You are leaving your company at a big risk! We all face a bunch of questions when it comes to video surveillance arrangement. In this article we will answer 3 common questions and try to uncover the secrets of high-quality video surveillance.

What camera should I choose
Nowadays many cameras can be used indoors and outdoors. So if you install video surveillance in a mild climate it isn’t a big problem to choose the camera. Ion extremely cold weather it is better to have a look at the cameras with an inbuilt heater, too be sure it can operate at low temperatures. In industries, such as public transport choose anti vandal cameras so they can’t be destroyed. According to your room you can choose fish-eye cameras or PTZ cameras.

How and where should I store the footage
Proper video surveillance arrangement allows you to store the footage on your own server. Rightly configured archive allows you to store data locally without rebooting the system. Xeoma high-quality system protection keep your data away from intruders. We can also offer you a Cloud storage, this type of storage becomes most preferred technique of storing video. We save all your data on a remote server, which can be acted online.

Do I need intellectual modules
In Xeoma we offer you a variety of intellectual modules. All these modules like Face Datector, Motion Detector, Smoke Detector, Abandoned Object Detector are designed by our specialists to keep your business on a safe side. Choosing Xeoma you automatically equip your business with top security solution at an affordable price.

If you still have questions about vide surveillance arrangement you can contact us. Our specialists will help you according to your system needs.

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