Easy buy parts to build your Raspberry-based kit

April, 2 2018

Surely, you must have already heard about Raspberry Pi – credit card-sized single board computer. Now you can create your own kit with a Raspberry Pi as its core. Buy all the necessary parts from Raspberry’s manufacturer.

Here’s where you can find the necessary parts:

Raspberry Pi Model B+
Case box
Universal power supply
Raspberry Pi USB WiFi Dongle

Get all the necessary parts, connect them to your Raspberry Pi board. Install an operating system to an SD card, and after that download and launch Xeoma (make sure to download the version for Linux ARM, not for regular Linux). Install Xeoma.

That’s it. Now you have a WiFi compact video surveillance system size of a small box.

Tip: need guidance on how to install an operating system onto a SBC? Check out this sample guide on installing Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi.