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Save more with Xeoma Linux webcam software for Ubuntu

Xeoma Linux video surveillance software is known not only for its absolutely new, intuitive and easy to use interface but also for its unique opportunity to purchase only the required feature set that meets your requests precisely. You can save even more by using dvr software Xeoma on a free operating system Linux Ubuntu. 

As a business person who knows the value of money, you are not going to overpay or pay for something that can be obtained free of charge at all. Ubuntu is a solution just for you. It is an operating system based on Linux kernel, developed by community of activist programmers. Ubuntu distribution of Linux is suitable for use on personal computers, laptops and servers. Ubuntu comes with a complete package of free software that includes all the programs you may need: office suite for word processing, tables and presentations, programs for communication and viewing of information on the Internet and many others.

Xeoma Linux CCTV software

As you see on this screenshot, ”’Xeoma Linux CCTV software”’ on Ubuntu operates and looks exactly the same way as on Win. Downloading and installing Xeoma version for Ubuntu also takes a couple of seconds and clicks on ‘Next’ button. To install or run Xeoma, make sure you are uncompressing xeoma_linux.tgz archive on Linux machine. Otherwise, it is required to execute: chmod a+x xeoma.app and then you can run Xeoma as usual: ./xeoma.app. Operating system interface is understandable and easy to use, and switching to Ubuntu from another operating system will take no more work than getting to know a new version of Windows. But unlike Windows, Ubuntu is free of charge, including its enterprise versions and security updates. For instance, Windows 7 license for 1 PC will cost you up to $350 (depending on its version, number of purchased licenses, type of your organization and other factors), and license for office work software to add, while Ubuntu OS itself and software for it are absolutely free. 

Xeoma is the set of functionality that you need, in Linux too.

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