Xeoma Lite

Xeoma Lite for small and medium size business and home users

Xeoma Lite is a simplified version of the Xeoma video surveillance program for small and medium size business and home users. Xeoma Lite includes the most essential and easy to use modules.
If the Xeoma commercial version seems to be expensive or too complicated, try Lite version.

Xeoma editions comparison table (Xeoma Starter, Lite, Standard and Pro)

Xeoma Lite limitations:

  • The maximum number of cameras per server in Lite edition is 4 (depends on the purchased Lite license);
  • Up to 6 modules in a chain;
  • No updates of the program;
  • Additional modules can not be purchased and used in Xeoma Lite;
  • Unavailable user access rights setup (only admin is available);
  • Does not work on virtual machines, including Docker (versions from 16.12.26 to 20.10.12);
  • Unavailable heatmap and digital zoom functions.

Supported operating systems, cameras, Repeater service and interface remain the same as in commercial Xeoma version.

NEW: Starting from version 20.10.13 released on October 13, 2020 Xeoma Lite can be activated on virtual machines as well!

Xeoma Lite available modules:

Devices Filters Destinations
Universal Camera Motion Detector Preview
Microphone Scheduler Preview and Archive
Screen Capture Marking Save to File
File Reading Day Detector Email Sending
Another Xeoma Image Rotate Web Server
FTP Receiver Unitor Sound Alarm on server
Image Resize Pop-up Window (in Client)
HTTP Upload to other Xeoma
Also available: rebranding/customization, layouts/grids control, control of PTZ functions of supported PTZ cameras, making screenshots, time synchronization through ONVIF, export from archives and making undeletable intervals, motion visualization, device list.

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Ask us if Xeoma Lite has it!

Attention! Xeoma Lite licenses can summarize up to 4 cameras per server and cannot be combined with Starter, Standard, Pro and renewal licenses!
To switch to Xeoma Standard, Xeoma Pro or use Additional modules from the Lite version you need to buy those editions’ licenses per each camera you want to use.

How to activate Lite version:

Download Xeoma for your OS. Program will start in the trial mode where you can particularly test nearly all of its functionality. If you’d like to test the Xeoma Lite features solely, please follow this guide.
When you are sure that Xeoma Lite is what you need, please feel free to buy and activate Xeoma Lite license or licenses via Main menu -> Registration -> Activate. Now Xeoma Lite is successfully activated on your computer and ready to use.

xeoma_software_advices Starting from version 22.11.25, you can switch directly from the program interface to trial version of Xeoma Lite (previously the Trial mode represented only the Pro edition).

Before you buy licenses we recommend you to have a look at Xeoma versions comparison table.

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