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How video surveillance provides security at a railway station


Public places, where a great number of people gather in masses, become a potential threat to human security, especially at a railway station, where the daily flow of visitors is measured by thousands. So, to provide security here, it’s necessary to involve tightened measures. Luckily, software for video surveillance Xeoma, which is focused on security providing at a maximum level, may become your indispensable assistant in this difficult matter. It has an exceptionally rich set of functions easy to deal with even for a schoolboy!

face_detector_icon Security protection of the railway station itself already begins at a railway station forecourt. The “Automatic Number Plate Recognition” module will help monitor the flow of cars in the parking lot. Moreover, it gives the opportunity for an operator to create a pass system for transport, crossing the territory, as well as to keep a close watch on the logistics.

face_detector_icon To provide security, face recognition is indispensable for video surveillance system. By virtue of this module, which is implemented in our program, the system will help detect the presence of wanted criminals at a railway station and prevent the threat at pace. Our developers have improved the facial search system, which, coupled with a high resolution camera, will not let any criminal escape.

abandoned_objects_icon The “Abandoned objects detector” module allows you to pay attention to objects staying for a long time in one place in order to prevent terrorist attacks. The module settings allow you to specify the minimum and maximum size of the object, in order to eliminate the module’s false positive (for example, reaction to a person or to a car). You can also set the time, after which the object in the detection zone will be considered abandoned. For example, if you set 30 seconds, the module will only react to the objects, staying in the detection zone for longer than 30 seconds.

face_detector_icon The “Motion Detector” module will provide the opportunity to get the information regarding overload of specific areas at a railway station and to respond quickly to the situation: to send additional staff or to open cash-desks. Moreover, in the module settings you can select the detection area, and thus to monitor the penetration into the forbidden areas. Also, thanks to the “Open a heat map” function in the archive review menu you can obtain a detailed information on the frequency of movement in the camera’s field of vision for a given period.

face_detector_icon The “Visitors counter ” module will help you carry out an effective analytics of detectable zones attendance, as well as to analyze the capacity of the railway station, in order to find solutions to improve or unload the railway station. Please note that this module should be connected in the chain immediately after the “Motion Detector” module.

smoke_detector_icon Fire safety is one of the most important points of safety in general. The earlier the ignition source is detected, the faster it can be neutralized, thereby minimizing fire effects. The “Smoke detector” module is one of Xeoma innovations. If you add it into your modules chain, you will always be sure, that in case of fire you will be the first person to find it out. If there is smoke (and hence fire), you will get the notification by virtue of the “SMS Sending” module, as well as the “Sound alarm” module will be activated.

face_detector_icon When it seems, that your video surveillance system is adjusted to absolute response in case of any danger, do not forget that in addition to the dangers listed above, there is a possibility, that a criminal may want to break down, to turn away, to light the camera or to cut the power cord off. Xeoma has provided a sabotage detector for these situations to provide security for you – the system of notification about sudden changes in the camera image (glare or blackout), twist of the camera, loss of communication and the lack of updating camera’s images. Moreover, automatic notifications will let you know when the system does not have enough disk space or memory to process cameras; when manipulation with an archive database is detected, or the video surveillance system is incorrectly terminated. You can get notifications in any convenient form: to your mailbox, via SMS, or even in the form of an alarm. Reported issues are duplicated on the preview window. After selecting the desired font, you will not miss a message about the problem.

As you can see, the developers of Xeoma have foreseen all various human security threats and case scenarios at a railway station. We find the most modern solutions to any of the potential problems. Feel safe with Xeoma!

January, 30 2017

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