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Video surveillance in the quest room business

Video surveillance in quest rooms

Interactive quests have become one of the popular areas of entertainment in recent years. A quest-room is an intellectual game in which participants are completely immersed in the plot of the story. Players are locked in a room, from which they must get out within a certain time. To do this, they move around different locations provided by the game, interact with objects and look for hints.

However, such events require increased attention from operators to the safety of both the participants and actors, as well as the items used for decorations. Because sometimes the participants involved in the game are not able to control their actions and can hurt the staff and/or break any parts in the game space. That is why operators need to keep a close eye on what is going on. But in every case there is a human factor, the operator may get distracted and not notice that one of the players went out of the game area, broke or stole something, or hurt themselves.
To avoid such situations, automate your work process with Xeoma smart video surveillance software. The software is equipped with all functions necessary for controlling the process of the quest game: viewing cameras online, recording and archiving video from cameras, possibility to view several archives simultaneously; and intelligent features which make the work of your employees a lot easier.

How will Xeoma be useful in quest rooms?

Capturing the movement in areas closed to visitors. There is a large amount of areas in the quest rooms used for the organization of technical rooms, storage of equipment, inconspicuous movement of the actors around the site, which should be hidden from the eyes of the quest participants. However, during the game, some players may unintentionally enter such an area. With the “Motion Detector” module you can prevent players from unexpectedly appearing in the staff areas. Select an area in which the players should not appear in the module settings (you can specify more than one area). If motion is detected in the selected area, the program will send a notification to the operators, after which they will be able to coordinate the players and ask them to leave this area.

Heat cameras and mask detection (compliance with anti-covid measures). In today’s world, offline organizations must comply with sanitary regulations to take care of the health of their customers and employees. With the new module “Thermal Camera Data“, the CCTV system can measure the temperature of customers on the way in to the organization with a Hikvision thermal camera (read more about how the module works here). Information about visitors will be automatically saved in a CSV report, which can be opened, for example, using Excel spreadsheets. It will record the date and time of the client’s entry, as well as their temperature. You can set the maximum allowed temperature in the module settings, if the visitor’s temperature is higher than normal, the program will notify the administrator.
The smart module “Mask Detector“, powered by artificial intelligence technology, is able to detect people with or without medical masks. If a person without a mask is detected, the module will send a warning to the administrator or operator, or launch a custom reaction.

Block and pass lists. Sometimes violent and uncontrollable people visit the quest rooms, they can cause damage both to the property (break decorations, steal inventory) and to the people around them, for example, by picking a fight with the actors. Such people are prohibited to visit the organization again, but with the rotation of administrators and security guards, you can not always remember all disorderly persons, therefore there is a risk of them re-visiting the quest rooms. However, you can’t cheat the video surveillance system. Create a block list of people who should not visit your quest room. The smart module “Face Recognition” will help you with this. Simply add a photo of the person to the database, so that the module will remember him. When a person from the block list appears, the camera at the entrance will immediately recognize him and report about it to the staff.

Slip and Fall Detector. One of the most common and popular genres of quests is horror. Therefore, it also requires the maximum caution, because people have different stability of the nervous system. That’s why it is very important to monitor the state of each visitor during such a quest. A person can be frightened and faint, or raced off, stumble and seriously injured. To warn employees in time about a health risk to customers, use the “Slip and Fall Detector” module. If a person falls down and doesn’t move for a long time, the module will send a notification to the staff. By synchronizing it with the “HTTP Request Sender” module, the program can call an ambulance.

Sound Events Detector. Use the “Sound Events Detector” AI module to take the visitors safety to a whole new level by providing proactive reaction to real danger. It can recognize the sounds of broken glass, gunshots and shouting, so the operator can immediately locate the source of the sound and take the necessary actions to solve the problem.

Fire safety. It is of utmost importance to equip premises with fire safety systems in any organization. With the “Smoke Detector” module in Xeoma you can detect a fire in its earliest stages, e.g. when smoke from an unattended cigarette appears.

Detector of Abandoned Objects. If one of the visitors forgot his bag, phone, glasses etc., the program will warn the administrator. The detector can also be used as an anti-terrorist security measure.

Camera previewing modes. Thanks to the flexible settings of Xeoma, quest room operators can view all cameras and their archives simultaneously. For the convenience, the program allows you to distribute cameras along several monitors, so each monitor will display cameras of a certain quest room, which makes control over the games even more convenient and easy.
If you have many cameras and they all do not fit on the monitors, you can distribute the cameras to different tabs, which will allow you to switch quickly between rooms. In the settings of previewing modes it is possible to automatically activate the full screen mode for the “active” camera that has one or several detectors triggered by an ongoing alert-worthy event. This functionality helps to increase the quality of control over the observance of the quest rooms rules by the players.

Thus, with the integration of Xeoma smart video surveillance system into quest rooms, many processes that required a lot of human resources and increased attention are shifted to software. Such tools help to develop business by reducing expenses and making it more accessible for clients and owners. Xeoma software is utterly non-demanding in terms of equipment to work with, so it is a budget-friendly and reliable alternative to classic video surveillance.




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November 1, 2021

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