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Distribute your own Cloud: white label solution for ISP

Xeoma’s PRO edition offers powerful features at affordable cost: License Plate Recognition, Face Recognition, Abandoned Items Detector, and many more.

For ISP (Internet service providers), however, the most alluring feature would be probably the Xeoma Pro Your Cloud. With it, you can create your own Cloud video surveillance (also known as VSaaS) on base of Xeoma Pro and distribute it to your clients (subscribers).

Although being a very powerful complex, operating it is easy. Instant start in 3 clicks. Working with the Cloud is easy through web interface or configuration files.

Xeoma Cloud for ISP to distribute under white label

There is no entrance fee in Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: you can start even with 1 Pro license on a single computer and create a computer cluster as you expand the system.

Important: the created cluster of servers will work in a single system so you can divide subscribers between different servers, optimized to their geographical locations.

Xeoma white label Cloud for ISP to distribute in single server of cluster

But it’s not the only unbelievable side to the feature. Xeoma Pro Your Cloud is offered as white label, including for ISP companies.
Change the service’s name, logo, look and feel, and distribute subscriptions to Your Cloud as truly YOUR Cloud.

Cluster of computers or a single serever to start, Xeoma Pro Your Cloud makes it easy for ISP and other companies and individuals to distribute and gain profits.

19 January 2018

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