Garbage disposal, ANPR ticketing and other city surveillance needs: how to do in Xeoma

Garbage disposal
Is it concerning illegal dumping in forests and such places? The realization might depend on factors like what kind of garbage is disposed of, by pedestrians or by machines, is this place crowded (prone to movement) or

For now ANPR can be used to detect cars where they are not supposed to be and confirmed by loitering detector and/or detector of abandoned objects. Face Recognition can be used if the illegal dumping is done by an individual, etc.

Violence and Vandalism detection
The solution depends on the kind of violence that needs to be detected. For example, if violence is accompanied by screams, the Sound Recognition can be utilized. Sometimes, Emotions Recognition can be used to predict aggressive behavior too, etc.
For vandalism the Detector of Abandoned Objects might be used (looks for changing of scenery by addition or extraction of objects).

Breaches to sensitive areas
Xeoma offers different modules for this task – from simple motion detector, sound recognition (detection of glass windows breaking), Face ID Double Authentication, to Face Recognition or ANPR with black lists.

Traffic Monitoring + ANPR
Solution depends on what exactly is needed. Is detection of traffic jams, speed of movement (we have speed radar modules) or something else?

Parking enforcements + ANPR for ticketing

First you need to enable one of the options that allow for recognition of the license plates of your country, see options at the ANPR page. Most countries are supported with either the OpenALPR tool or the new PlateRecognizer (available in the Xeoma’s beta 20.6.19 and newer).

Both require licenses from the corresponding companies so you are advised to google them and request their pricing, and then select what is best for your projects.
After that you can set up and test the selected tool in Xeoma.
And after LPR works for your country’s LPs, we can go further to helping you make it work in combination with establishing ‘illegal parking’ event and sending information to external systems. For example, we have a module called ANPR Sending to FTP – this module sends the pics and xml file for detected LP, will that work for you?

Please share some more details and together we’ll make it work tailored for your individual case.