Xeoma Standard – the suitable solution for everyone

Xeoma video surveillance Standard version

Xeoma editions comparison table (Xeoma Starter, Lite, Standard and Pro)

Xeoma Standard is a basic program for video surveillance with an ideal set of functions. Perfect for small and medium businesses. Connect an unlimited number of sources, create individual recording conditions using a variety of available modules for each camera.

Use the variety of available modules and build chains of any length, complexity, configuration, i.e. containing as many modules as
required to make your system perfect.

The Standard edition has no limitation in remote connections and video sources number. The total number of video sources/cameras in use depends on your license.




Advantages of XEOMA STANDARD video surveillance
No special equipment required:
Regular commonly available off-shelf computers and any cameras can be used. Just make sure the image is clear.
Advantages of XEOMA STANDARD video surveillance are in work with variety of modules
Simply flexible:

Easily configured, works in conjunction with variety of modules as well as external sensors, devices. Various reactions available.
Non-stop mode
Real-time first-hand:
Works with live feeds in real-time mode, free of latency.
Advantages of XEOMA STANDARD video surveillance: cost-effective and affordable
Affordable solution:

Cost-effective prices for lifetime licenses

Xeoma Standard is one of Xeoma’s editions that will allow you to use the most popular features of video surveillance.

  • License is for a lifetime and has no expiry date. Free 1-year updates period is included.
  • Test free demo-license before the purchase.
  • No ads, only convenient interface.
  • High systems performance based on Xeoma: recording without transcoding, hardware decoding mechanisms are involved, WebRTC is used in the browser. Successful processing of a greater number of cameras than other solutions offer. Lower load on video servers and network.
  • Malware-free. Xeoma software has been developed more than 10 years ago and known as a reliable video surveillance software. Among our clients are banks, shopping centers, public institution, and many other clients.
  • Secure payment. Xeoma Standard purchase is a one-time payment that does not require a monthly or annual subscription fee.
  • Licenses summarize with each other this way the number of licenses can be increased gradually. You can add an unlimited number of licenses to the ones you already use and thus use as many cameras as all of your activated licenses allow in total.
  • Additional modules based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning are available in Xeoma Standard.
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    Xeoma Standard available modules:


    Devices Filters Destinations
    Universal camera Motion detector Preview
    Microphone Scheduler Preview and Archive
    Screen capture Marking Save to File
    File Reading Day Detector Email Sending
    Another Xeoma Image Rotate Web Server
    FTP Receiver Unitor Sound Alarm on server
    HTTP Receiver Image Resize Pop-up Window (in Client)
    HTTP Switcher SMS Sending
    Visitors Counter HTTP Request Sender
    Sound Detector HTTP Upload to other Xeoma
    Problems Detector Application Runner
    Object Detector FTP Upload
    HTTP Marking Streaming to Youtube
    Relay Switch Telegram Bot Notifications
    Condition RTSP Broadcasting
    (starting with version 22.10.12)
    Fisheye Dewarping Mobile notifications
    PTZ tracking
    Image Crop
    Object Size Filtering
    Camera-Embedded Detector
    Also available is the 1-hour-long test period for Additional modules: Object Recognizer, Sports Tracking, FaceID, QR Code Recognition, Smart card reader, Gender Recognition, Face Detector (Emotions), Smarthome – RIF+, Color Recognition, Crowd Detector, Vehicle Speed Detector, Age Recognizer, Slip and Fall Detector, Eye Tracking, Construction Safety Detector

    xeoma_software_advices Starting from version 22.11.25, you can switch directly from the program interface to trial version of Xeoma Standard (previously the Trial mode represented only the Pro edition).


    Xeoma Standard Features

    With Xeoma Standard you have access to the following features:

  • Remote access from anywhere, even without static ip using our Repeater service
  • Unlimited modules in chain
  • Dual-streaming (use necessary URLs for higher performance)
  • Multiple user profiles with different rights (Administrator, Operator etc.)
  • Unlimited time of work (license is for lifetime)
  • Customization available and free
  • Camera view in browser with possibility to give created users access to necessary cameras
  • PTZ control, both tracking and manual control
  • Focus in and out buttons for ONVIF cameras;
  • Control over an ONVIF camera’s auxiliary equipment and features (wiper, night/day mode, etc.);
  • Digital zoom
  • Device list (work with groups of cameras)
  • Search in the archive viewer by date/time
  • Search in the archive viewer in certain area
  • Possibility to use smart distribultion of records over several disks, RAIDs, etc.
  • Visualization of movement on preview with possibility to see trails of moving objects
  • Saving still image – screenshot from live image or archive
  • Various layouts
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Activation on virtual machines including docker
  • Software is portable (can be used without installation)
  • USB hardware key is available (optional) – license will be portable
  • No constant Internet connection is required, Xeoma can work without Internet (and licenses can be activated offline)
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    Xeoma Standard – the suitable solution for everyone

    Xeoma Standard limitations

    Basically, everything that is available exclusively in Xeoma Pro is not available in Xeoma Standard, for example:

  • It isn’t possible to view multiple archives at once;
  • There is no PTZ control in the browser;
  • You can’t make your own Cloud service;
  • There is no possibility to watch archive without closing live cameras;
  • There is no possibility to export synchronized several archives together;
  • There is no multilayered Emap function;
  • There is no heat map function;
  • There is no automatic clients update to the new available version;
  • There is no possibility to make intervals of archive undeletable;
  • There is no visualization of movement in archive;
  • Additional modules are no included but can be purchased separately.
  • See full list of features exclusively available in Xeoma Pro here

    Have a look at our bonuses, there is lifehack how to get access to these features in Standard with only 1 PRO license.



    Xeoma’s main advantage is its innovative interface based on construction-set principle.  Easy for non-tech savvies, powerful for professionals, it allows to build both small and enterprise-level systems with unlimited number of cameras (up to several thousand cameras on single computer).

    Create your own unique video surveillance system, or use our Samples.

    Modules are separated into Devices, Filers and Destinations. Also, right under the list of all modules there is a search bar, you just need to start typing the name of the module, and it will immediately appear in the list.

    Learn more about the interface
    Xeoma video surveillance interface is very easy to work with


    Xeoma Standard requirements

    Xeoma video surveillance works on Windows, Linux, Linux/ARM (Raspberry), Mac OS X, iOS and Android.
    Learn more about requirements
    Connect all kinds of cameras that will definitely work in Xeoma.
    All USB cameras, analogue cameras and IP cameras (including W-Fi, Fisheye, PTZ, ONVIF cameras. Support for Н264, Н264+, Н265, Н265+, MJPEG, MPEG4, JPEG, MPEG, RTSP). Any Mpix resolution.
    Learn more about supported cameras

    You can connect unlimited amount of cameras (depends on your license). Xeoma supports 430+ camera brands. Use any type of connection: wi-fi, DVR/NVR, USB dongle, video capture card, TV tuner, POE switch etc.

    Get detailed system requirements consultation with the help of our System requirements calculator.


    Xeoma Standard licenses

    Xeoma Standard licenses are for lifetime. Each license includes 1 year of free updates period. Xeoma Standard licenses can be summarized with Xeoma Pro licenses, i.e. you can add Xeoma Pro license e.g. for 1 camera to your Xeoma Standard license and use intellectual Pro modules for 1 camera. You can expand your video surveillance system anytime by purchasing more Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro licenses.

    By the way, we offer licenses for rent. Now you can fully test Xeoma without purchasing the full license.

    And you can request demo license anytime for your tests for any amount of cameras

    Xeoma licenses summarize with each other and with Pro licenses


    Xeoma Standard additional modules

    Additional modules can be purchased additionally to Xeoma Standard licenses.
    Improve your video surveillance system with the following modules:

  • Face recognition (recognition accuracy up to 90%)
  • Search by photo (search in the archive)
  • Emotion recognition (sadness, happiness etc.)
  • FaceID (integration with QR-code or card readers)
  • Object type recognition (car, animal, human etc.)
  • Smart-card reader (working with access cards)
  • QR-code recognition RIF+  detector (“Smart home” system integration)
  • Color recognition (detects colors e.g. red signal of the traffic light)
  • Gender and age recognition
  • Passengers counter (for public transportation)
  • Construction site safety detector
  • Seabirds, drones and planes detection
  • Text recognition
  • Vehicle speed detector
  • Sound events detector (gunshot, scream, glass break etc.)
  • Sports tracking
  • Slip and Fall detector
  • And others
  • Learn more about Additional modules
    Purchase additional modules
    Additional modules are available in Xeoma Standard


    Xeoma Standard application scenarios

    Xeoma Standard edition is suitable for any purpose. It’s multifunctional and has all necessary modules and options to build a perfect video surveillance system.

    For many years Xeoma has been gaining popularity among clients from all around the world, they are private companies, public institutions, home-users.
    Banks, factories, shopping centers, schools, and many other users trust us.

    Learn more about application scenarios

    Different Xeoma video surveillance application scenarios.


    Xeoma Standard for Resellers

    Xeoma Standard is a versatile video surveillance product that is suitable for both home use and installation in large companies. Easy and user-friendly interface will allow you to achieve the desired result with the help of many useful modules, build chains of them and integrate with automation systems.

    Suitable for surveillance beginners as our tech support is always there to help you. Also, check out our website for the manual and video tutorials.

    Xeoma standard for resellers, great partnership!

    Why it is profitable to resell Xeoma Standard?

    -The best price! All of our resellers get personal discounts on Xeoma products. You set your own price for your clients, but not lower than the one indicated on our website.

    -Support for any camera types – analogue, IP, USB (perfect for hybrid systems), and for various operating systems so no special equipment is required

    -Free licenses for tests and demonstrations for you and your clients

    -Active development of the program with new features added quickly (including those requested by our partners)

    -Suitable for both big enterprises and home-users

    Rebranding option of Xeoma is available, point out your company contacts

    -Unique video surveillance system with the opportunity to connect additional modules that are based on Artificial Intelligence will drive attention to your product and bring significant profit.

    Contact us to become our partner and get 20% discount with the access to the reseller page.



    Xeoma Standard 3 nice bonuses

    Xeoma Standard 3 nice bonuses


    Xeoma Standard 3 nice bonuses

    Free rebranding

    Xeoma offers free rebranding option with our rebranding utility. With its help you can change colors, program name, add your company address, working hours, website link, logo, and much more.

    Xeoma Standard 3 nice bonuses

    Access to PRO features

    Xeoma Pro for 1 camera is enough to enable this feature for all cameras in this server.
    With the purchse of Xeoma Pro for 1 camera in addition to you Standard license you’ll get an access to the following features:

  • Button Switcher – a module for immediate turning on/off of chains
  • Simultaneous view of several cameras’ archives
  • Possibility to watch archive without closing live cameras
  • Possibility to export synchronized several archives together
  • Possibility to make intervals of archive undeletable
  • PTZ control through web browser
  • You can choose what users the PopUp Window module will work for
  • Visualization of movement in archive
  • JSON API for remote control of Xeoma features
  • webRTC options available for view of encoded streams in browser
  • LDAP support
  • multilayered e-Map
  • Heatmap
  • Clients update automatically
  • Xeoma Standard 3 nice bonuses

    Quantity discount

    If you are planning on carrying out a big project you can count on a discount, contact us and tell us more about your project so we could discuss the terms and discount amount.

    Every license has:
    No advertisements or logo watermarks in camera live view or in archive.
    Unlimited live and recorded view.
    Unlimited download of videos.
    Any image resolution.
    Unlimited fps.



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    xeoma_software_advices Calculate the approximate system requirements with the help of our Minimum system requirements calculator

    Before you buy licenses we recommend you to have a look at Xeoma versions comparison table.

    Read also our brochure (PDF) about Xeoma Standard:

    Download Promo brochure "Xeoma Standard" (PDF format)

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