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Send SMS (instant messages) in Xeoma

Instant message alert (or SMS) in Xeoma Video Surveillance Software will help you keep tabs on what's going on in view of your cameras Sitting comfortably in a cafe, resting with family in the nature or focusing hard on you job, you get an SMS instant message out of sudden that says, ‘Camera “LivingRoom01” has detected motion at 11:03 a.m.’

You wonder what you should do? With Xeoma there’s no need to rush home to check what is going on back at your home. You just open up a mobile browser and use the possibility of Xeoma’s web server to view all the cameras of your video security system (with sound!) in a single window, wherever you are. It’s all possible now thanks to Xeoma that allows to send SMS (including free sms – text instant messages) to warn you about any danger in the field of view.

Send sms module’s setup is easy and won’t take much of your time. After setup, will help you keep tabs on what’s going on in view of your cameras without any need to check on your surveillance system or wait in uncertainly until you have the chance to watch recordings. Don’t miss any noteworthy events!

You can configure Xeoma to send sms notifications to several phone numbers at a time. Instant text messages sending module can be used together with other reactions; for example, email sending with attached pictures and even videos from your cameras with motion event on them. You can also run reactions locally, like using deterrent sound playback (sound alarm) or of a specified application.

Also, starting from beta version 20.10.22, Xeoma has the “Mobile Notifications” module, that allows to receive real-time notifications in mobile devices running iOS and Android even without connecting to the server (unlike the simpler module for mobile notifications “Client Window Pop-Up” that requires the app to be always running to push alerts). This module allows you to receive immediate notifications, even if Xeoma application is not running on your iOS/Android. Stay up to date with standard notifications on your iPhone/iPad or Android – on the lock screen, in the Banners area, or in the Notification Center. Find more information about the module in this article.

Xeoma is a perfect solution for your video security system if you want to keep things under control without spending much time or effort on that.

19 December 2012