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Module in Xeoma: Move to PTZ preset


Rotating camera to a preset

Icon for the Move to PTZ preset additional module Move to PTZ preset is a professional feature that can help you get a better view at events happening in different parts of a rotating camera image. While the camera is moving according to a guard tour it can zoom in on different areas or look for different objects there, and let Xeoma do other video analytics in each area. One camera – truly unlimited reactions with a wide range of opportunities for integration with external systems and tools.


xeoma_software_advices Important: Formerly added as an Additional module “Move to PTZ preset” is moved to Xeoma Pro edition and now available with any Xeoma Pro license, not as an Additional module, starting from Xeoma beta version 20.11.30


No special equipment or a powerful standalone server is required.


No special cameras required – any cameras whose PTZ controls work through ONVIF will do.


Works on a variety of operating systems from Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Linux (ARM architecture) and Android families. Even on a micro computer like a Raspberry!


If you have an overview camera that is supposed to keep an eye on a vast area, supports PTZ controls, presets and tours and allows to set up those through ONVIF, there is no better way to embrace the territory while doing different video analytics in each small part of the image than to use the Move to PTZ Preset module.

For example, in city surveillance the camera can be set to “tour” some areas of interest. The camera can rotate and zoom in for a better view of a particular part of the camera’s vision range, and various video analytics and reactions can be set up to be used for each area:




In farming (animal, fish or crops), an overview ONVIF PTZ camera can rotate between enclosures to take a closer look at each of them, monitoring one enclosure for birds of prey, another for authorized people or vehicles, and another for wild animals, etc. Time of “stay” in each position is customizable.


The “Move to PTZ Preset” is not the only PTZ function in Xeoma. Here are other PTZ functions in Xeoma:

Xeoma video surveillance software provides a special control to take advantage of a camera's pan, tilt and zoom capabilities • (interface feature) Manual control of camera’s PTZ functions (available in Lite, Standard and Pro editions). Click on arrows in Xeoma’s PTZ control to rotate the camera to the left, right, up or down, zoom the image in or out. See more
Set up patrol tours with a PTZ camera's presets in Xeoma video surveillance software • (interface feature) Manual launch of PTZ presets for an ONVIF camera (available in Pro edition). Setup of guard tours without customized chain of modules for each preset. See details here
Xeoma video surveillance software offers also a PTZ Tracking module for automated object tracking • (module) PTZ Tracking (available in Standard or Pro editions). The module enables automatic following of moving objects in camera’s view. See more
The PTZ Senstar Tracking module in Xeoma video surveillance software can work in combination with the Flexzone system sensors • (module) PTZ Senstar tracking module (available in Pro edition). The module is used for integration with smart fences Flexzone by Senstar (automatic rotation of camera to a sector of a fence where an event is detected). See more
The Sports Tracking module is for automated following a ball or players in a sports game • (module) Sports Tracking (Additional module). The module is designed for automatic detection of a sports ball or players in camera’s field of view, and automatic tracking – rotation of the camera to always follow the object. See more
Xeoma video surveillance software supports PTZ joysticks and control boards
Useful for security staff, PTZ control boards in Xeoma video surveillance software allow to rotate the camera
• (built-in support for devices) PTZ joysticks. When a supported joystick model used for PTZ control of a camera is connected, push arrows in Xeoma’s PTZ control to rotate the camera with that manipulator. See more



Watch video about Move to PTZ preset

Settings of the “Move to PTZ preset” module:

Xeoma module Move to PTZ preset can rotate the camera to different presets


Important advice from Xeoma One “Move to PTZ Preset” can be used for several presets from a camera, each for different reactions.



1. Launch Xeoma. Make sure your Xeoma is in a trial edition or activate a Pro license.
2. Add a camera or let Xeoma add a default one for you.
3. Add a “Move to PTZ Preset” module to the chain.
4. Add any further filters and destinations depending on what functions you need to be performed for each preset.
5. Set the “Move to PTZ Preset” module up by selecting what preset should pass video signal to which of the chain’s further modules.
See detailed setup guide here



Try the “Move to PTZ Preset” module in the Xeoma video surveillance software with a free trial license. Request it from our contact form here



Any questions? Assistance required? Reach out to us! We’ll be happy to help!


Important advice from Xeoma If the “Move to PTZ Preset” doesn’t work for some reason, or you need more, it can be tailored for you in course of Xeoma’s paid development program. Read more about custom development

March 13, 2020

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