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Failover and failback in Xeoma. Instruction.

Failover is a process of switching to a redundant server (or servers) upon the failure of the main server. Rapid Failover is essential for large projects where increased security is required since failover and failback processes are automatic and usually don’t require warning or human intervention.

Failover option in Xeoma allows creating a backup on a standby server automatically if one of main servers is down. When the malfunctioning main server gets back up, operation will be continued thereon (failback).


Failover settings

The Failover feature is available in Xeoma Standard and Xeoma Pro editions.

It is set up in Main menuInstall Backup server mode where a system administrator can assign Backup servers to corresponding Main servers.

In the Backup server:

1. Launch Xeoma
2. Go to Main menu → Install → Backup server mode
3. Enter the list of servers that need Failover:



This server will replace them if they are temporarily out of order for some reason.

4. Tick ‘Enable backup server mode’ to turn on the failover option and you’re good to go!


If the Main server stopped working (because Xeoma server crashed, was turned off, froze up or there’s an issue with network), the Backup server will use the Main server’s settings and start creating archive recordings (failover). And as soon as the Main server is back to work, the Backup server will turn to a standby mode, so the Main server could carry on working as usual (failback).


To use Failover mode you’ll need to purchase the same Xeoma license for your Backup server as there’s on your Main server. E.g. if you have a Main server with Xeoma Standard license for 128 cameras, then you’ll need to purchase Xeoma Standard license for 128 cameras for your Backup server as well.

Advice from the Xeoma video surveillance program For major projects we have special conditions in terms of licensing the Backup servers. Also, we can develop additional Failover features to meet your requirements. Please contact us, we’ll be happy to assist.

Failover clustering

You can use as many Backup servers as you like. Each Backup server requires its own Xeoma license for the same amount of cameras as your Main server has.

To create a failover cluster, you can specify necessary Main servers on each Backup server and create a network with multiple failover nodes. So this way, if several Main servers are down, Backup servers will start the failover process, and your system will be secured. And when the Main servers are up again, the failback process will take place, and the Backup servers will stop working.



Mini-FAQ on failover:

1. Is constant Internet access required between the Main server and the Backup server?

Yes, there should be Internet access available or all servers (main and backup) should be in local network. Because the Backup server checks on the Main server from time to time and copies settings.

2. Can I use failover and failback for Xeoma Pro Your Cloud option?

Yes, failover feature is available for Xeoma Pro Your Cloud as well.

3. How can I copy archive recordings from the Backup server to the Main server when the faulty Main server is back to work?

You can create a network disc between the Main server and the Backup server and configure both servers to store archive recordings there. This way you’ll have all archive recordings in one folder.

4. Can I use failover for particular cameras (not all cameras from the Main server)?

Yes, it’s possible. E.g. you have Xeoma license for 32 cameras on your Main server, but only 8 of them are important to backup. You can activate Xeoma license for 8 cameras on the Backup server, and this way you’ll have only 8 cameras to backup. 8 cameras from the Main server will be taken according to their names in Xeoma (for instance, Cam_1, Cam_2, Cam_3…)

5. Can I use 1 Failover server to backup multiple Main servers?

Yes. You can use e.g. 5 Main servers and 1 Backup server. If 2 of your Main servers are out of order, the Backup server will start the failover process for the first Main server that got down. But the Backup server will keep settings from all Main servers.

17 March 2021

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