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Video surveillance cameras in a private parking lot

Xeoma in a private parking lot

Video surveillance systems installation in private parking lots significantly affects the security level of the monitored area. But have you ever thought that with the help of video surveillance cameras you can not only make your private parking a safe place, but also automate all work processes at the most efficient level? Xeoma video surveillance software will help to speed up the processing of incoming information about entering and leaving cars, the time spent in the parking lot, automate the access control system and make your private parking lot more profitable business.

Managing your private parking lot is now even easier with Xeoma video surveillance software! For this, the program has analytical modules based on artificial intelligence.

The License plate recognition is a module capable of recognizing license plates. Using this module, you can create “white” and “black” lists of license plates, which are allowed or not allowed to enter your private parking lot. If you use this module in combination with integration modules (for example, the “HTTP request sender”), you can automatically open a barrier for cars with numbers from the white list, thereby automating the process of passing and parking. Also, the module saves the data of all cars entering the parking area to the csv report. When the car approaches the exit, the camera recognizes the license plate again, and the csv report counts the total time spent in the parking lot. With the License Plate Recognition module, parking billing becomes much easier and faster.

The Motion detector is a module that detects motion in the monitored area. Coupled with the PTZ Tracking module, your PTZ camera will move towards moving objects and track them. This combination of modules is useful for tracking intruders into territory of your parking lot.

With the help of Face Recognizer, you can create the list of persons authorized to enter the private parking area, and thanks to the ability to search in the archive by photos, you can find the needed person while investigating various incidents.

On the contrary, using the Face Recognizer in combination with the Privacy masking module, you can blur faces in the frame if it’s required by your internal regulations.

installing video cameras in a parking lot

FaceID is another module based on artificial intelligence that will help automate the entry process of authorized persons to the private parking lot. This module is used for double authentication for sites with strict access control, where simple access card reading does not provide the necessary level of access control accuracy. Unlike the Face Recognition module, this module works in tandem with the “QR Code Reading” module or “Smart card reader” – it recognizes human faces in camera image and compares them to faces from database (a remote LDAP database or a database stored on the same machine).

The Sound Event Detector is the AI-based module that will help you always be alert and immediately respond to emergency situations. For example, this detector is capable of recognizing car alarms, gunshots and glass break, as well as baby cry and screams.

Also, the new Additional module will be available soon – the Parking Spots. It is designed to automatically detect the status of parking spaces (free/occupied). With the help of this module, you can display the information on the number of free spaces in your parking lot.

And with the help of notification modules (pop-up window, sending e-mail or SMS, etc.), you will instantly receive notifications about an alarm event in the most convenient way.

Video surveillance in a private parking lot In addition, using the modules “Application runner” or “HTTP request sender” modules, you can use your reactions (for example, launching some other program or your own script, or sending a command to automation systems like opening a barrier, closing doors, telephony, etc.).

More than 40 other filters are available in Xeoma, and new ones are constantly being added! See the list of modules here.




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15 January, 2021

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