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Video surveillance installation in the horticultural society

video surveillance installation in the horticultural society

A summer cottage is the favorite place for everyone: someone comes here for seclusion with nature, some for a picnic, and gardeners can even spend all their free time here, caring for their harvest. In any case, a summer cottage is the place, in which we invest our time and energies. Unfortunately, in our time cases of property and harvest theft occur increasingly frequently in horticultural societies, so the issue of security protection in horticultural societies is the most urgent.

Video surveillance installation is, first of all, a preventive measure, which primarily affects psychologically. The majority of thieves will not enter the territory, equipped with video surveillance, and will prefer the unguarded territory. Video surveillance installation around the perimeter of the horticultural society and at each site is a measure that will increase the level of security protection in a horticultural society up to 100%.

If you want to choose an affordable and functional system for your summer cottage, with the opportunity to connect up to 12 cameras, then a microcomputer + Xeoma installation will be a good choice. For example, a single-board computer Raspberry (35-70 $), or the mini computer Asus Tinker (about 70$), which is more productive, with a more powerful processor and a gigabit LAN.

Scheme for connecting cameras to a microcomputer + Xeoma:

microcomputer scheme

Also cloud service of video surveillance Xeoma Cloud will be suitable. If you want to conduct video surveillance and do not have the opportunity to leave the computer server to process the cameras, working around the clock, the best solution is to purchase a subscription to the cloud service Xeoma Cloud. You don’t need to buy or maintain video surveillance equipment. Just a camera and Internet connection is what is required.

Xeoma Cloud can also be used in addition to computer-based Xeoma that runs on your computer to push video to the cloud. You can view this live and archived video over the Internet with Xeoma Client or in a web browser.

When you make your choice, it only remains to configure Xeoma for the desired operation mode. The diversity of intellectual modules will help make the system as efficient as possible. For example, you can apply the “Scheduler” module, in the settings of which you can select the dates and time in which you want to conduct a record. The “Motion Detector” module allows you to start a record only after motion detection in the monitored area, which considerably saves space on hard disk drive.

If, nevertheless, someone dares to enter the monitored territory, there is a possibility to frighten away the offenders with the help of a siren. Set the following settings: the “Motion detector” module connect to the “Beep” module – in this case, when motion is detected, the siren will ring out on the server:

Sound alarm on the server server

You can connect the speakers to a microcomputer and place them in the garden, thus frightening away the intruders by the siren.

Xeoma can also be integrated with any external audio device by means of “HTTP request Sender” module, which should also be connected to the “Motion Detector” module:

HTTP sender Xeoma

This way the siren will ring out on your external audio device.

If you are concerned about safety of your crop yields, that can be damaged by birds, Xeoma again is ready to solve this issue! With the help of Xeoma’s AI-based module “Object Recognizer” your CCTV system will be capable to detect a bird in camera’s view and trigger the protective system, email or SMS notifications, alarm, etc. You can find more information about AI-based Birds Recognition in Xeoma in this PDF brochure.

Thus, video surveillance installation + Xeoma becomes indispensable for security protection of the entire horticultural society. Convenience, wide functionality, affordability. Xeoma is the quality, approved by the time.




You can request free demo licenses for Xeoma here. Enter your name and your email to send the license to in the fields below, and click the ‘Get Xeoma free demo licenses to email’ button.



May, 31 2017

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