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Xeoma as the best security solution for video intercom

Xeoma as the best security solution for video intercom

Xeoma can be integrated with different automation systems. For example, with smart home devices, entrance gates, barriers, intercoms, etc. Such combination is successfully used to ensure security in companies, private territories and checkpoint organization. An important part of it is identification of company employees and detection of intruders. You can use Xeoma to create a video intercom system at the entrance of your organization. We offer you to create your own intercom device based on Xeoma. All you need for that is a small camera and a device which will be used as a server. The best mobile security solution will be microcomputers like Raspberry Pi. Thanks to Xeoma and its intelligent modules you can adjust the system to your needs in the most precise way.

Create your own video intercom system this way:

  • Connect your camera to Xeoma (use ‘+’ menu on the bottom panel). This camera will act as a video doorbell. You can use “HTTP Request sender” module to integrate other devices into your video intercom system such as sound alarm system (to receive alarm when someone is at the door) or automatic door locking mechanism (to open the door when particular face is recognized) an so on. Any device that can receive http-requests can be integrated into your video intercom system.
  • Use AI-based “Face recognition” module to detect faces of people entering the organization. This module can create a database, auto-learn to remember faces and create “black” and “white” lists. All these features can be used for automatic door opening, launching alarms, sending notifications to your phone or email with images from the camera, etc.
  • There’s also another face authentication module available in Xeoma that is called “Face ID“. This module works in conjunction with QR-code recognition (when the camera compares a person’s face with information from the qr code) or Smart Card Reader (when the camera compares the face in the frame with a photo from an employee’s access card). Such two-factor authentication can be used at objects where an increased level of security is required. Read more about it in our article.
  • If you want the camera to react not only to people, but also to other objects, such as cars, bicycles, animals, etc., add the “Object recognizer” module to your chain. By connecting to the module “HTTP Request sender” stated above, the program can automatically open the gate barrier when the car is recognized.
  • If you need to save information about cars parked near the entrance or create “black” and “white” lists of license plates, use the module “ANPR“. It can recognize license plates, create a database with them and send commands to other devices, for example, gates or barriers, so that they automatically open when the license plate is recognized.
  • Video intercom as the best security solution

  • Connect notification modules “SMS sending“, “Sending email” or “Mobile notifications” to your chain and you’ll get notifications, for example, if an unknown person or a person from the “Face recognition” module’s “black list” is detected by video intercom.
  • If you notice an intruder trying to break your system or pick a lock, with the help of such a security solution as Xeoma you can manually activate the alarm. You can choose the sound the siren will make (it can also be a phrase) and adjust the volume. This way, it will attract the attention of others and scare away the intruder.
    Moreover, the system can automatically notify you of any problems with camera. For example, if someone tries to break the camera or turn it off, the “Problems detector” module will immediately notify you and/or turn on the alarm. You can also connect the “Sound events detector” module, which can detect the sound of broken glass, as well as respond to sounds above the set noise limit.
  • You can use the “Loitering detector” module to know if a person stays at the entrance of the organization longer than the allowed time. Connect SMS or email notifications, and receive information (and even pictures) about suspicious persons.
  • The advanced feature “Search in archives by photo” allows you to find by photo the person you need in the camera archive.
  • The security staff does not need to monitor the computer where the server part is installed. The remote connection feature is available in Xeoma. So you can view and configure the cameras even from home.
  • Supported devices

    Dahua video intercom
    Xeoma perfectly works with all devices that support ONVIF protocol. That’s why we recommend to pay attention to this parameter when choosing an intercom model. We have tested several intercom devices and selected the best of them in terms of value for money.

    If you want to organize a checkpoint, which will be controlled by Xeoma, we recommend using for this an intercom model Dahua DHI-VTO2211G-WP, tested by us and successfully working with the program. It is equipped with night vision, IR illumination and two-way audio communication.

    Thanks to ONVIF protocol support, the intercom can be easily connected to Xeoma. The principle of connecting the intercom is exactly the same as connecting the camera. Click “+” on the bottom panel and choose the most convenient for you option of connection.

    Alternative to intercom

    Ethernet rele
    Intercoms are a great way to organize a checkpoint inside a building or a room. However, organizing an outdoor access system requires a reliable device that is tamper-proof and protected against other external influences.

    For this purpose, we recommend you to take a look at ethernet rele. It supports HTTP commands so you can easily connect it to Xeoma with the help of “HTTP requests sender” module. Moreover, the device is pretty compact so you can place it almost anywhere convenient for you. The device is resistant to low and high temperatures (from -40 °С up to +60 °С / from -40 °F up to +140 °F), therefore it can be used in climatic zones with severe weather conditions. An important advantage of this device is the ability to control several access devices simultaneously, for example, barriers and the entrance door. Place the ethernet rele in the outdoor control box and connect the devices you need.

    By means of such security solution, you can be sure of your business safety. Moreover, this system helps to reduce the cost of many processes, such as security. And the program’s clear interface and additional features make it even more user-friendly.




    You can request free demo licenses for Xeoma here. Enter your name and your email to send the license to in the fields below, and click the ‘Get Xeoma free demo licenses to email’ button.



    April, 5 2021

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