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How do I know if my camera works through ONVIF?

The easiest and the most reliable would be to just ask the camera’s manufacturer or seller. Contact their customer care service, let them know the camera’s model and firmware version, and ask if the ONVIF is supported in your camera.

Also, usually you can read if the camera supports ONVIF in the camera’s specifications and/or documentation.

Other, less reliable methods:
* See if the camera’s admin page (web browser page) has any options for ONVIF (setting the port number, creating an ONVIF user, etc.)
* See if the ONVIF Device Manager program (distributed free of charge) can find your camera.
* See if Xeoma has detected the camera with URLs that contain ‘onvif’.
* For PTZ cameras, you can see if Xeoma has found the camera’s PTZ control set as ‘ONVIFPTZ’ in the Universal Camera settings.

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