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Xeoma: Video surveillance and cameras for cars, delivery tracking and employee monitoring

Find out how you can utilize Xeoma for video surveillance and cameras for cars, delivery tracking and employee monitoring Transportation and logistics are quite specific kinds of business that include various numbers of operations and participants. Those who are into this business know how challenging it is to control all chains of operations in the whole process.

There are at least three parties participating in a simplest transportation process: a manufacturer, a customer and a cargo company or a logistics department of manufacturer’s company. Consequently it might be really hard to define who’s exactly responsible for the product’s theft or damage. Is it a cargo company loader who wasn’t careful enough handling the goods? Did he drop one of the packages and broke the product inside? Or did he just decide to take one extra pack thinking no one will find out, cause it’s just going to take too much time and effort for the boss to investigate? Sure it is. Unless the boss has an impartial witness – a video record from a video surveillance system.

Thereby, main purposes of video surveillance in transportation (car DVR and simple cameras for cars) are delivery tracking and employee monitoring. Moreover, it is just indispensable in warehouses where the working areas sometimes are so huge that managers have no chance to be in full and constant control of what’s going on. Trucking and shipping terminals are mostly located in industrial or suburban areas that are open and hard to protect. This increases the number of security threats posed to trucking and shipping companies, including vandalism and perimeter protection. Logistics video surveillance will surely help to look after the loaders and other staff while doing some paper and administrative work in an office.

Of course, also in transportation industry you may trust your employees, but you can never be 100% sure. Unless you use video surveillance, for example, a car DVR or cameras for cars. There’s absolutely no need to turn to a security agency, you can easily do everything yourself. All you need is special software, several cameras (according to the space you’d like to supervise) and merely a few hours to adjust and understand the system.

Xeoma is, undoubtedly, one of the best software for video surveillance on the international market. Its user-oriented intuitive interface allows you to choose those features and options that you need to use for delivery tracking and employee monitoring in transportation industry. Xeoma can assist logistics companies in providing a real vision on logistical process and increasing delivery efficiency. You select a notifications type that suits your demands and schedules better, such as e-mails (containing pictures or videos – your choice), sms (being sent on the schedule or right after one of the system cameras captures any movement in a surveillance zone). You can also opt for creating a record schedule, according to your needs. For instance, you can only record what’s going on in some exact zones only during the day, not at night.

Moreover, the License Plate recognition module allows you to easily automate the entry to the terrirory of your enterprise. You no longer need to issue passes for customers and monitor if anyone has lost it. Your car license plate is your pass. This system will allow you to control the number of vehicles on the territory. Driving in and out cars control will strengthen the security. Database will consist of “white” and “black” lists, which will help you identify the intruder. Such system, implemented on the company territory, will provide control over the personnel and vehicles movement on its territory. Nobody will be able to enter the service area, as well as leave it without your permission.

Could transport and logistics video surveillance be easier? With Xeoma, you will surely save lots of nerves, time and money on unnecessary investigations upon products lack and loss, equipment damage and many other cases taking place in transportation sphere every now and then.

23 May 2013