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Recreation department: provide security


The hottest time of the year is at hand, and it means that very soon the season of active recreation will be opened. Recreation department is one of the most popular places for active recreation. It’s time to take care about security protection, and video surveillance system will help you in this business.

If you would not like anything to ruin your customers’ vacation, your recreation department should be equipped with video surveillance system. Installation of CCTV will help prevent the most unpleasant consequences. When you need to keep the property and equipment of your outdoor activity center in safety, video recordings will help resolve any conflict situation.

Currently there is a huge range of cameras. If you choose IP cameras, you can not go wrong: they are easy to install, have excellent video quality, automatic search for video cameras.

First of all, you need to decide in which areas you should install videosurveillance cameras. Initially, you need to install a video camera at the entrance, in order to fix all visitors of the recreation department. The “Face detector” module will help with this. This module allows to create your own database of employees, as well as configure “Face detector” to respond to the specified or unknown persons only.

If you decide to install the camera at the reception, the function of Xeoma integration with cash registers may also be useful for you. You can set a Fisheye camera with a viewing angle of 360 degrees in the reception lobby, and Xeoma will help dewarp the image from this camera with the help of the “Fisheye dewarping” module.

If your outdoor activity center is located near a waterbody, you just need to provide video surveillance in this area. With Xeoma you will be able to respond quickly to incidents, if someone will start drowning. In the settings of the “Motion Detector” module you can select a tracking area, and if the buoys line crossing will be fixed, the “Sound alarm” module will give a notification to the server, as well as the “Problems detector” module will send the SMS- notification.

Xeoma makes video surveillance easy and affordable. You can make search in the video archive on the desired date and time. Just click on the “Calendar” icon in the lower right corner of the archive viewer:


If the outdoor activity center is equipped with a cafe or a restaurant, it will be much easier to organize video surveillance system here with the help of the “Schedule” module, because usually a cafe does not work around the clock. Thus, if you set up the necessary time in this module settings, the cameras will be recording only during working hours. You can also connect the “Motion Detector” module to the chain, then the cameras will start recording only if the motion is detected. All this allows to save much disk space:


Now you can see, that video surveillance is not such a difficult process, and Xeoma makes it maximally functional and effective.

March, 09 2017

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