‘Maximum Video Analytics’ bundle: all Xeoma AI-features with 65% discount

xeoma_video_analytics_box_smallNEW: buy a full bundle of Xeoma’s intellectual features called “Maximum Video Analytics” at a very affordable price with the 65% discount!

Did you ever want to have a full set of Xeoma’s powerful video analytics modules and features, for personal, corporate use of for demonstration to customers? If you did – this special offer is for you!


At the price as low as $5410 you will get a perpetual license that opens up all of Xeoma’s additional modules and features, and all of Xeoma’s regular modules, for 1 camera. The “Maximum Video Analytics” bundles can be stacked, and they work with regular Xeoma Pro, Xeoma Standard licenses or licenses for Additional modules.


The bundle contains two perpetual licenses, each for 1 camera and with 1 year of free updates: one is for all Additional modules in Xeoma available at the moment of purchase (Recognition of emotions, object types, age and gender, detection of safety helmets, medical masks, loitering, eye tracking, parking spots, etc.), and another for Xeoma Pro. See full list under cut below.

Advice from the program for video cameras Xeoma June, 15 2021: A new module called “360° Surround View” added to the bundle. Read more about the module

All contents of the ‘Maximum Video Analytics’ bundle (as a list)

The ‘Maximum Video Analytics’ bundle includes 1 perpetual license for 1 camera, with 1 year of free program updates, for these Additional modules:

• Xeoma Additional module “Face Recognition” (enables option “Artificial Intelligence” for 1024 faces)
• Xeoma Additional module “Search in archives for photo”
• Xeoma Additional module “Emotion recognition”
• Xeoma Additional module “FaceID”
• Xeoma Additional module “Object recognition”
• Xeoma Additional module “Smart-card reader”
• Xeoma Additional module “QR Code recognition”
• Xeoma Additional module “SmartHome RIF+”
• Xeoma Additional module “Color recognition”
• Xeoma Additional module “ANPR”
• Xeoma Additional module “Crowd detector”
• Xeoma Additional module “Sports Tracking”
• Xeoma Additional module “Gender recognizer”
• Xeoma Additional module “Age recognizer”
• Xeoma Additional module “Seabird Recognition”
• Xeoma Additional module “Drone and Airplane Recognition”
• Xeoma Additional module “Vehicle Speed Detector”
• Xeoma Additional module “Sound Events Detector”
• Xeoma Additional module “Mask Detector”
• Xeoma Additional module “Construction Site Safety”
• Xeoma Additional module “Modbus controllers”
• Xeoma Additional module “Text Recognition”
• Xeoma Additional module “Slip and Fall Detector”
• Xeoma Additional module “Eye Tracking”
• Xeoma Additional module “Parking Spots”
• Xeoma Additional module “360° Surround View”
Read more about these modules

+ 1 perpetual license for Xeoma Pro for 1 camera with 1 year of free updates with all of its professional features:

• Possibility to create your own cloud video surveillance
• Automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) also with 3rd party utilities for recognition;
• Face Detector and Recognition (up to 90% average recognition rate);
• Detector of speed limit violation;
• Sending pictures of a vehicle and its license plate to external systems through FTP;
• Smoke Detector;
• Detector of Abandoned Objects;
• Loitering Detector;
• Cross-Line Detector (visitors counter with movement direction);
• Privacy masking;
• Button Switcher – a module for immediate turning on/off of chains*;
• multilayered e-Map*;
• Heatmap*;
• RTSP Broadcasting module for conversion of a camera stream into an MJPEG, H264 or MPEG-4 stream;
• Move to PTZ preset module (formerly released as Additional module, starting from Xeoma beta 20.11.30 the module is included in Pro edition);
• PTZ control through web browser*;
• Control over PTZ presets and guard tours (patrols)*;
• Support for USB joysticks;
• webRTC options available for view of encoded streams in browser*;
• Support for IP microphones;
• JSON API for remote control of Xeoma features*;
• Simultaneous view of several cameras’ archives*;
• Possibility to export synchronized several archives together*;
• Possibility to make intervals of archive undeletable*;
• Visualization of movement in archive*;
• LDAP support*;
• You can choose what users the PopUp Window module will work for*;
• Sound alarm can be played not only on server, but on clients too;
• Clients update automatically*;
• Xeoma Pro licenses cumulate with Xeoma Standard licenses and Additional modules licenses;
*Xeoma Pro for 1 camera is enough to enable this feature for all cameras in this server.
More about Xeoma Pro

All contents of the ‘Maximum Video Analytics’ bundle (with pictures)

The ‘Maximum Video Analytics’ bundle includes 1 perpetual license for 1 camera, with 1 year of free program updates, for these Additional modules:

Face Recognition: AI option
for 1024 faces
Face Recognition: search by faces in archives
Emotion recognition
Object recognition
Smart-card reader


QR Code recognition
SmartHome RIF+
Color recognition
Crowd detector
Sports Tracking


Gender recognizer
Age recognizer
Object Recognition: Seabird option
Object Recognition: Drone and Airplane option
Vehicle Speed Detector
Sound Events Detector


Face Recognition: Mask Detector option
Construction Site Safety
Modbus controllers
Text Recognition
Slip and Fall Detector
Eye Tracking


Parking Spots
360° Surround View

+ 1 perpetual license for Xeoma Pro for 1 camera with 1 year of free updates with all of its professional features:

Basic Face Recognition
Basic License Plate Recognition
Vehicle Speed Detector
Sending ANPR results through FTP;
Loitering Detector
Smoke and Fire Detector


Detector of Abandoned Objects
Cross-Line Detector
Privacy masking
RTSP Broadcasting
Button Switcher
Move to PTZ preset
• Creation of your own VSaaS
• PTZ presets and tours
• PTZ control in browser
• Choice of users for the PopUp Window
• Clients update automatically
• Sound alarm on clients
• Visualization of movement in archive
• Making intervals of archive undeletable
• Simultaneous view of several archives
• Synchronized export of several archives
• Heatmap
• Multilayered e-Map
• Support for LDAP
• Support for IP microphones
• Support for webRTC
• Support for USB joysticks




Advantages of Xeoma Maximum Videoanalytics kit: any equipment
No special equipment required:
Regular commonly available computers and almost any camera can be used
Advantages of Xeoma video analytics: flexible and universal
Simply flexible:

Various reactions, integration with third-party systems.
Works non-stop
In live mode:

Xeoma’s video analytics modules work in live mode, without any latency.
Xeoma's Maximum Video Analytics bundle advantages: affordable price
Affordable solution:

Price for professional and intellectual features is lower than competitors’, and it even more economical with the bundle!


Watch video about Xeoma’s intellectual possibilities



  • Banks, pawn shops and financial organizations
  • Airports, railway or underground stations, and similar places of public gatherings
  • Shops, malls, retail and wholesale stores
  • Advertisement and promo stands, billboards, banners
  • Beauty parlors, hairdresser shops, nail bars and similar services
  • Restaurants, cafe, and similar HoReCa establishments
  • Yoga and spa centers
  • Hotels, hostels, motels, etc.
  • Offices, call centers, etc.
  • Open air public events (meeting, concert)
  • Safe city programs (detection of gunshots, screams, aggressive behavior, people falling down, etc.)
  • Police, road safety (search for missing vehicles or people, fine-imposing system for traffic violations)
  • Education: schools, universities and campuses, kindergartens, art and dances courses
  • Medical organizations (hospitals, walk-in medical offices, ambulance vehicles)
  • Public and cargo transportation
  • Construction businesses
  • Production, mining, drilling (automation and optimization)
  • Farming (crops, fish, cattle, etc)
  • Seafaring, cruise ships, ports
  • Military and army
  • Entertainment (zoo, bowling, stadiums)
  • Smart home systems
  • Control of access to private, commercial or governmental territories
  • Private uses (surveillance over nanny, elderly, children, workers, etc.)
  • and many more!



No special equipment required
An ordinary modern computer can usually cope with the load from the Artificial-Intelligence-based or professional modules. No special equipment is required in most cases.


Any camera can be used with the Xeoma Video Analytics
You can use any camera: no expensive cameras with built-in sensors and artificial intelligence capabilities are required.


Video analytics in Xeoma has the following advantages: affordable price
The bundle licenses can be combined with other Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro licenses or licenses for Additional modules.


1. Click the “Buy the bundle with card” button below. You will be taken to the Purchase page where you will once again see the name of the product and its price. Enter your contact data here. Important: please make sure you enter a valid email address to get the message with the licenses.
You can purchase using a card that supports 3DSecure technology, or with mobile payment systems. All payments are encrypted and protected. See more about card payments
2. In a few minutes after the payment you will get an automated letter to the specified email that contains licenses for the bundle features.
3. Download Xeoma from our website. Run Xeoma.
4. Activate the licenses from the message through “Main menu – Registration – Activate” or through console. See the email message for details
5. Add cameras, and add the needed intellectual modules to their chains.
6. Set up all used modules and reactions.
7. Done! Now you can use all Xeoma’s professional and intellectual modules and features, available at the moment of bundle purchase, for lifetime.



Any questions? Assistance required? Reach out to us! We’ll be happy to help!


Advice from the program for video cameras Xeoma Do you need something else? The module does not fit your specific needs? We can develop the needed functionality and add it into Xeoma as the paid development. See details here

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Made on: 13 April 2021