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November 20, 2018: New version

New release version Xeoma 18.11.21

In the new official Xeoma version, we added 2 new intellectual modules (“Object Recognition” and “Face Detector (Emotions)”), control of Xeoma modules through JSON API, PTZ presets and guard tours for ONVIF PTZ cameras, multi-channel audio for one video stream, and export of such audio tracks. Improvements of ANPR (search for license plates, support for iANPR version 1.793 for ARM processors and support for the new OpenALPR for Windows), Cross-Line Detector, hardware acceleration, buffering, and many more! See full list of changes


October 5, 2018: New article

Control Xeoma using JSON: the whats and hows

The main idea behind automation systems is to make various programs and devices cooperate with each other to raise their overall effectiveness, especially without human interference. New versions of Xeoma supports commands sent through JSON for this and many other purposes. See full setup guide in our new article Control Xeoma using JSON: the whats and hows.


September 25, 2018: New features

Minimum system requirements calculator has been improved

Calculator of system requirements is a useful tool that can help you plan your video surveillance system and carefully select appropriate equipment. Xeoma’s minimum system requirements calculator has been remastered and improved! Now you can calculate the requirements even for cameras with different stream parameters, as well as have the calculator take the greater load from “heavy” intellectual modules into account. See for yourself how much comfortable it has become – give our new calculator a try.


September 22, 2018: New video

Cheap 3G/4G video surveillance system with Xeoma

Do you want to know how to organise cheap 3G/4G video surveillance? In our new article from our user you will find answers on your questions and learn how video surveillance works via 4g. Learn more.

September 21, 2018: New video

PTZ presets and PTZ patrol in Xeoma

Starting from version 18.7.10, you can set up automatic PTZ-patrol in Xeoma! Learn how to adjust the PTZ guard tour for your ONVIF cameras with the help of Xeoma Video Surveillance from this new video: “Setting Up PTZ Guard Tour in Xeoma”.


September 20, 2018: New features

Sneak peek: what we’re working on right now

Our company does not stand still. In addition to continuous enhancement of the already released features, new useful and often advanced functions are constantly being developed. Now we are working on Face Recognition to compare faces in the camera field of view with photos from external databases, reading QR codes, emotion recognition, recognition of objects types (person/vehicle type/animal, etc.), as well as the long-waited-for support for ONVIF cameras’ embedded detectors! Also, we are preparing a new type of licensing in the program. So stay in touch to be the first to learn about the appearance of these and other developments in Xeoma!


September 12, 2018: New article

Usage of https in Xeoma Web Server

Xeoma’s Web Server now offers support for security certificates. Learn how to set up Xeoma’s SSL in our new article.


September 10, 2018: New article

Setting up PTZ guard tour in Xeoma

Many PTZ cameras have very useful ability to remember user-defined points of interest (often referred to as “presets”) and automatically move from one of such points to other. Such moving between points using presets is called PTZ patrolling or PTZ guard tour. Starting from version 18.7.10 Xeoma offers creation of PTZ presets and PTZ tours for your ONVIF cameras. Learn how in our new manual.


August 10, 2018: New special offer

Xeoma video review

Do you like video reviews? We, too! Therefore, we are happy to give you 8 cameras license to each review author. Please take part in our campaign and try to create your own CCTV system absolutely for free!


August 9, 2018: New article

WebRTC in Xeoma

What is WebRTC? It stands for Web Real-Time Communication and represents a new way of allowing browsers to work with video and audio, one that does not require additional plugins or separate apps. What WebRTC stands for in Xeoma read in this article.


July 26, 2018: New video

NEW: Hardware keys in Xeoma

Starting with Xeoma version 18.7.10, you can purchase Xeoma licenses not only as a serial number, but also as a physical USB device called a hardware key. Learn more about its advantages from this new video: “Hardware Keys with Xeoma Video Surveillance Licenses”.


July 25, 2018: New article from user

Personal Home Security with Xeoma and my UnRaid Home Server

For some, life can be scary, and for others it can be an adventure. But for some of us it is a constant struggle for the peace of mind. For this reason, our customer has been slowly building a home server system that can help bring that peace of mind. Learn their story in this new article


July 20, 2018: New purchase platform

Xeoma is now available on Amazon (Free shipping)

We are more than happy to announce that Xeoma is available for purchase on Amazon! All Xeoma orders are eligible for free shipping. Don’t miss this opportunity – get your license now! More about Xeoma on Amazon in this new video: “Buy Xeoma Video Surveillance Software On Amazon”.


July 18, 2018: New version

New version: Xeoma 18.7.10

In new version Xeoma 18.7.10 we have added IPv6 Internet Protocol support and hardware keys support. In Pro version we have added the automatic PTZ patrol. Other changes include fixes of xem archive deleting, activating the program on a physical PC, installing/uninstalling program on Windows, h265 stream distortions fixes and more. See full list of changes


July 13, 2018: New video

CSV reports in Xeoma

Have you ever thought about using the statistical data from your video surveillance network in an external system? Xeoma Video Surveillance Software offers a very flexible data storage method – CSV report. Learn more about reports in Xeoma from this new video: “CSV Reports in Xeoma Video Surveillance Software” .


July 4, 2018: New article

Security for Jewelry Stores

When surfing the news, one can notice that there’s an act of jewelry robbery almost every day all over the world. Since gold and precious stones are a stable currency in any country, criminals of all levels (from armed robbers to street hooligans) aim to rob jewelry stores. That is why jewelry store security must use all possible technical means. Today one of the most effective methods of protection from such troubles is video surveillance. With the help of cameras, you can not only record the moment of burglary or an armed attack (e.g. smash and grab form of jewelry robbery) but also prevent a crime itself. More information in our article.


July 2, 2018: New video

Introducing New Module – Image Crop

With the help of new “Image Crop” module you can automatically crop the incoming image. Just paint the zone you want to keep in red color in the module’s settings . Learn more about “Image Crop” in Xeoma from this new video: “Xeoma Video Surveillance: Introducing New Module – Image Crop” .


June 22, 2018: New video

Introducing New Video Format – MKV

Starting from version 18.6.14 you can save archive recordings made with direct saving to the archive without decoding in MKV format. Learn more about MKV in Xeoma from this new video: “Xeoma Video Surveillance: Introducing New Video Format – MKV” .


June 21, 2018: New article

Getting to know the Motion Detector

One of the more important modules in Xeoma is the Motion Detector, this is a key driving block that can trigger other events to happen and having this set correctly will improve what you are monitoring and help reduce false alerts. In this article, our user has conducted a thorough research on the module and shares the knowledge on a user-to-user level.


June 18, 2018: New version

New Xeoma version 18.6.14

New official release’s main improvement is the switch from the mp4 to the MKV format for archive recordings made with direct saving to the archive without decoding. Not only will it reduce the processor load, but also increase the audio quality. Other changes include fixes of start of new day for continuous recording in .xem archives, HTTP Receiver continuing to work even when turned off, and crashes caused by use of some intellectual modules. See full list of changes


June 14, 2018: New video

More Motion Detector’s settings

Xeoma’s intelligent Motion Detector moves video surveillance to a qualitatively higher level. Learn 8 more hacks about our Motion Detection from this video “Motion Detector: Settings – Xeoma Video Surveillance Software (Part 2)” .


June 7, 2018: New article

New Feature: Activity Log (CSV)

Among the tasks surveillance administrators perform are exercising direct control over the quick-reaction teams during a security breach and analyzing the security response post factum. But if the server itself can monitor their activity, it will certainly simplify the administrator’s work. Enter Xeoma’s logs. Read more


June 6, 2018: New article

New Wisenet cameras are designed to improve video surveillance on transport

Today Tatris, the official distributor of Hanwha Techwin introduced a line of Wisenet IP cameras. All cameras are adapted and certified for public transport usage. Read more


June 4, 2018: New version

New Xeoma version 18.6.5

New release version is already available. In it, you’ll find a new module Image Crop, improved usability of modules like Motion Detector, and other useful enhancements. See full list of changes


June 1, 2018: New video

Motion Detector’s settings: detection zone, object size

Want to know how to configure the work of Motion Detector? Watch this video “Motion Detector: Settings – Xeoma Video Surveillance Software (Part 1)” to learn how to adjust the size of the object and shape the zone of detection.


June 1, 2018: New article

Designing DIY Camera Security

Video surveillance is long not the same expensive systems they used to be in the beginning. A low budget video surveillance system is not a dream any more, it’s reality. See Xeoma customer’s article for low budget surveillance lifehacks. Read more


May 31, 2018: New article

Video surveillance system in the garage cooperative

The garage cooperative is quite a secluded area, where thefts, attacks and other criminal situations most often take place. CCTV installation will help solve most of the problems, connected with the crime situation in the garage cooperative: safekeeping of the property, protection of owners and staff, resolution of disputes and preventing conflicts… Read more


May 30, 2018: New version

New Xeoma version 18.5.29

New Beta version is already available. In it, you’ll find a new module Image Crop, improved usability of modules like Motion Detector, and other useful enhancements. See all


29 May 2018: New article

Free video surveillance with Xeoma

Nowadays the term free is often used to refer to things not free at all: for example, to something of low cost, and sometimes even of high cost as well – when the seller considers it a good bargain. Xeoma does it differently: our “free” is exactly what it means – free of charge. Find out how you can get free video surveillance with Xeoma software (including the new free edition in which you can use 1000+ cameras) in our new article.


26 May 2018: New video

Motion Detector in Xeoma

Learn how to adjust a very important module in security camera software – Xeoma’s Motion Detector – from this video.


25 May 2018: New article

Full-price CCTV solutions vs. CCTV rental

Just imagine: your organization would like to create your cloud video surveillance service and sell it to clients. Rather than invest 100% of the resources from the beginning, it’s sometimes wiser to start out small with a trial project to acknowledge if it brings enough demand and profit. CCTV rental is exactly what situations like that asked for. Read more


18 May 2018: New article

Video surveillance system in a coal mine

A coal mine is a very dangerous object, and the most important aim here is to provide security, so it’s impossible to do without a video surveillance system. Learn what the most important tasks of the video surveillance system in a coal mine are in our new article.


16 May 2018: New video

Updated video Free Edition of Xeoma

Xeoma’s newly updated Free edition allows to connect and use unlimited number of cameras (up to 1000 and even more)! With these cameras you can use up to 4 modules “Preview and archive” or “Sending email”, up to 3 modules in each chain and 1 ‘Universal camera’ module in each scheme. You can review up to 1000 cameras! Find out more in this video


15 May 2018: New version

New Xeoma version 18.5.4

With the new official version we update conditions of Xeoma’s Free mode: now up to 1000 cameras can be viewed in the free edition! Also, you will find a lot of new console commands, acceleration of cameras search, archive playback and many more enhancements. See all


14 May 2018: New article

Relocatable surveillance systems based on mini computers

Dealers of video surveillance systems have certainly noticed the trend of latest decade for relocatable surveillance systems that can be moved across the vast territory. Relocatable systems can be moved across the territory to dynamically handle the areas with highest priority at the moment. Read more


11 May 2018: New video

Video Welcome to Xeoma Video Surveillance System (Trial Edition)

It’s usual that users skip a program’s welcome screen to start getting acquainted with the program itself without delay. Well you shouldn’t! Xeoma’s welcome screen is full of useful options. Learn more about it in our new video


10 May 2018: New article

Video surveillance system in the bank

Today it is impossible to imagine a large organization without a centralized video surveillance system, and for banks whose main activity is to ensure the safety and security of people’s savings, the presence of such systems is critically important. The video surveillance installation helps to optimize… Read more


4 May 2018: New version

New Xeoma Beta 18.5.4

With the new beta version we update conditions of Xeoma’s Free mode: now up to 1000 cameras can be viewed in the free edition! Also, you will find a lot of new console commands, acceleration of cameras search, archive playback and many more enhancements. See all


3 May 2018: New article

Protect customs and border protection services with a surveillance camera system

It’s hard to appreciate the nobility of the duty of the customs service when you have to wait in long lines,in bad weather, stuffiness, cold, heat, thunder. People get angry. People get violent. People do some things they wouldn’t do in normal circumstances. That’s why having a video surveillance camera system in checkpoints is essential. Cameras might actually save lives. They protect both travelers and customs officers equally. Read more


28 April 2018: New video

Video Trial Edition Of Xeoma Video Surveillance Software

This video “Trial Edition Of Xeoma Video Surveillance Software” will show you one of Xeoma’s modes of functioning – Trial Mode. Watch video


26 April 2018: New article

Xeoma Review through the eyes of Xeoma user

Living in a bad neighborhood? Or simply planning a low cost video security system that could be used for years to come? A system you could view and record anytime of the day or night from anywhere. In that case, you should certainly read an article by our user. Read the article


20 April 2018: New video

Video How To Set Xeoma Cloud For Backup (via FTP)?

Learn how to set Xeoma Cloud for backup with the help of FTP from this video “How To Set Xeoma Cloud For Backup (via FTP)?”. Follow 3 easy steps and enjoy a safe offsite storage! Watch video

19 April 2018: New article

Video surveillance installation at the industrial enterprise

Video surveillance installation at the industrial enterprise is the leading factor in the matter of security protection. Video surveillance system allows to monitor the work of personnel, guarantee the safety of production processes, as well as the safety of property. With Xeoma, you can easily provide security at the industrial enterprise, control all the production processes, and save the inventories. Read more


18 April 2018: New video

Video How To Watch Your Recordings Outside Xeoma Video Surveillance Software?

Find out how to watch Xeoma files via VLC and other popular players in our new video “How To Watch Your Recordings Outside Xeoma Video Surveillance Software?”! Watch video

16 April 2018: New article

Cross-Line Detector (advanced Visitors Counter)

Generally, security is particularly concerned with entrance and exit points for the guarded area, since those are easier to keep under surveillance than an entire perimeter and provide the most traffic. A particularly wide-spread method is setting lines across doorways or narrow corridors to control the number of people crossing them (or across driveways and lanes for cars) – a simple traffic counter. The method allows to both protect the area from unwanted visitors and collect statistical data, which is what makes it so popular. This is where Xeoma’s “Cross-Line Detector” module comes into play. Read more


13 April 2018: New solution

Banana-based kit for video surveillance

Now you can buy an all-in-one server for video surveillance based on a Banana Pi single board computer – for less than $100. Buy all the necessary parts from the manufacturer. Read more here


12 April 2018: New video

Video Simple search for local cameras in Xeoma

New video ‘Add new camera manually in Xeoma’ shows how Xeoma’s simple search for cameras in the local network (also called home network) works. Watch video

11 April 2018: New article

Xeoma and Telegram

Wouldn’t it be convenient for your mobile device to alert you immediately wherever you are – for example, through an instant messenger like Telegram, a 100% free cloud-based platform with a light-weight app and impressive protection? This article will show you what Telegram can do to help you keep your ears pricked up for trouble. Read more


10 April 2018: New article

Ensure security in the denture clinic

Video surveillance system in the denture clinic is not uncommon today, and every year the number of clinics that install cctv cameras is growing rapidly. Video surveillance in the denture clinic will help solve the most important security tasks and answer the following questions… Read more


9 April 2018: New article

Drone Surveillance

A moving camera easily outperforms a stationary one – seems like a fundamental truth, doesn’t it? Naturally, if a camera is being carried by an aerial vehicle, its overall view expands dramatically. In this article we’ll cover both sides to give you a better idea what exactly you can benefit from and what the risks are. Read more


5 April 2018: New video

Video Add new camera manually in Xeoma

New video ‘Add new camera manually in Xeoma’ illustrates how to add your camera manually via ‘+’ menu in Xeoma using URL (stream). Watch video

3 April 2018: New video

Video Xeoma Video Surveillance: Adding a Camera via ‘Search by ip/password’ Option

In the new video you will be shown how an IP camera can be searched for in Xeoma video surveillance software. Watch video

This is one of the series of videos dedicated to matters of automatic or manual addition of cameras in Xeoma. Follow our news or Youtube channel for more!


2 April 2018: New solution

Raspberry-based kit for video surveillance

You must have already heard about Raspberry Pi – credit card-sized single board computer. Now you can create your own kit with a Raspberry Pi as its core. Buy all the necessary parts from Raspberry’s manufacturer. Read more here


1 April 2018: New article

Video surveillance in hospitals

Usually patients feel more comfortable and safe in a hospital, which is equipped with the video surveillance system. Moreover, when the staff is notified that security monitoring is being conducted, this contributes to more responsible performance of duties and rational time management. Read more


27 March 2018: New solution

ODROID-based kit for video surveillance

Now creating a DIY video surveillance system on base of a single board computer is even easier. Parts for an ODROID kit can be conveniently bought in one place – from Hardkernel manufacturer. Read more


22 February 2018: New article

Clustering in Xeoma VMS

One of Xeoma’s greatest advantages is its branchy clustering system. Failover, LDAP, storage clustering and multi-server or multi-client modes give you flexibility to create a system that works for you. Read more


16 February 2018: New article

API for integration of Xeoma

API is a set of means to facilitate integration with third-party systems, or applications, or services. For manufacturers of equipment, inventors, and all those who wants to integrate Xeoma with their or third-party products, services or systems, Xeoma has an API in various forms. Read more


15 February 2018: New article

P2P support in Xeoma

The secret for popularity of P2P-cameras is simple: they were designed to simplify the installation of the IP camera by the end user, even by a non-expert user with no network skills. According to statistics, the setup and connection of a P2P camera takes only about 10 minutes. Fortunately, now the program for video surveillance Xeoma, in its version for Windows 32 bit, also works with P2P… Read more


14 February 2018: New version

New Xeoma Beta 18.2.2

In the new beta version you will find:

  • Added support for P2P connection for cameras that use the AEeye Cloud for communication (Windows 32 bit);
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added configuration of the Email sending and SMS Sending modules through web interface;
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added support for users administration through REST API;
  • Added configuration of the Motion Detector module through web interface (changing of the detection zone and its sensitivity);
  • Optimized recording of archives when large numbers of cameras are used;
  • Added choice of what stream to use in WebRTC (preview or archive stream);
  • Added support for sound from cameras that use the pcm_u8 codec (wav);
  • Universal Camera: added choice of protocols for camera to communicate with the server (“Auto”, “UDP”, “TCP”, “UDP Multicast”);
  • Added support for PTZ control of the d-link DCS-5222LB camera;
  • Layouts: added 1×2 and 4х1 layouts for cameras;
  • Web server: added prerecord for work with “Another Xeoma”;
  • Preview and Archive: added new values 60, 70, 80GB for maximum storage volume;
  • Users: all accounts in Main menu -> Remote Access -> Users are now in alphabetical order;
  • Added new information message about loading of archives at server launch that shows loading process and stages;
  • Fixed issue of client part not launched (Run as superuser failed error) that occurred on some of the Linux OS (for example, openSUSE) when the server is installed to auto start;
  • “Cross-Line Detector”: fixed inversion of lines;
  • Eliminated sending of test text message in the “SMS Sending” module at server restart;
  • Fixed distortions at archive speeded playback.


9 February 2018: New article

Using Home Surveillance for Paranormal Activity

Are ghosts real? Is there such a thing as paranormal activity? Xeoma is a perfect home monitoring and surveillance solution if you feel you may have an otherworldly presence invading your space. Read more


7 February 2018: New article

Video surveillance cameras installation in hair and nail salon

Hair and nail salon employees with increasing frequency try to persuade the salon clients to get the same procedures at a half price in their homes, and more often they save on consumables at the expense of customers or at the salon’s owner. When you install video surveillance cameras in the hair and nail salon, you cope with the following tasks… Read more

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