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Special offer: Create a review video and get Xeoma license in reward

We are more than happy to announce this new giveaway for YouTube users! Just share your review video of Xeoma on YouTube and get a Xeoma license for 8 cameras absolutely for free!

Here are the simple steps you should complete to be guaranteed to get your license:

YouTube1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel – XeomaSoftwareEng.
2. Make a video at least 2 minutes long and upload it to YouTube.
3. Create a descriptive title and use “Xeoma Video Surveillance Software” phrase in it.
4. In description write why you choose Xeoma and how you use it
5. Put the following tags: xeoma, video surveillance software, camera software.
6. Add a Subscribe button (at the end of the video) or a Channel card (at the beginning of the video) with XeomaSoftwareEng
7. Make sure to add our website address – xeoma.com – to your video.

Once the terms are met, let us know via this contact form and provide the active link(s). Our team will contact you shortly to congratulate you and present you with a brand new Xeoma Standard license for 8 cameras.

If you have questions regarding our special offer, please contact us. We will also be glad to discuss your suggestions and get your feedback!

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