News for Xeoma CCTV software for 2017

21 December 2017: New article

Video surveillance installation in the church

As much as we’d like to believe in overall security in the church, incidents happen even there: fires, thefts, terrorist attacks, and a host of other things. The video surveillance installation in the church helps solve these issues, and Xeoma software helps prevent them. Video cameras installation helps strengthen security protection in churches, as well as protects them from vandalism. Read more


14 December 2017: New article

Loitering Detector

Loitering may not be grounds for arrest but is certainly a cause for suspicion. Until recently the only eye that could take note of this kind of behavior was a human one. However, the ever-watchful eye of a camera is learning from its creators and starting to keep up with them. Xeoma’s Loitering Detector is a perfect example. Read more


6 December 2017: New article

Security at sea

The cruise industry goes full steam ahead with security systems. Cruise ferry is a floating city, so while the cities are secured with video surveillance, why not use it on a ship? Read more


22 November 2017: New article

Expo center: security protection

Expo center is a place where dozens of specialized exhibitions take place every year, and quite often these are international exhibitions. Thousands of guests, including foreign ones, attend these events. The crucial component for the permanent control of the territory is video surveillance system. Read more


7 November 2017: New version

New Xeoma 17.11.24

In the new beta version you will find:

  • PRO: Added the new “ANPR Sender to FTP” module. With this module, you can send photos and information about a recognized number from the ANPR module to an FTP server of your choice.
  • PRO: Added the new “Loitering Detector” module. With this module, you can have the system detect when there is a loitering object in the camera’s view for longer than a set period of time.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: Added a “maximum time of storage” setting in addition to the already available limitation for maximum allowed disk space. With this setting, you can assign subscribers a certain time of data storage within their subscription.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added a new option to limit resolution and bitrate for a stream used for saving archives.
  • Application Runner: added the %NAMES% macro that carries the name of a recognized person from Face Detector.
  • Enhanced Xeoma’s auto search for cameras: added support for cameras that work through ONVIF H265 protocol.
  • Added a new console command -savepassword 0/1 that permits/prohibits saving of password even for a connection within a local network or on the same computer. Use it to restrict access to Xeoma on a shared computer or in environments where password should be entered each time Xeoma is accessed.
  • Added support for PTZ functions of the Sricam SP008 camera.
  • Windows: added option to open different clients in Fullscreen on various monitors (already available for Mac and Linux).
  • Added support for FTP Upload from the Dahua cameras. Now you can connect Dahua cameras to a remote server (including our Xeoma Cloud) even without a static public IP address or a working 24/7 computer.
  • Multiserver mode: added display of messages from detectors in preview.
  • Archive: added support for recording from cameras that use H.264+ Smart Codec and H.265+ Smart Codec.
  • Xeoma’s installation folder on Windows is changed. Now Xeoma gets installed into the standard folder C:\Program Files\Xeoma.
  • The “Layouts” menu has a new option to hide the All Cameras page when you have multiple tabs. Find it in Layouts-Manage Layouts-Hide All Cameras page.
  • Enhanced smoothness of Xeoma’s interface thanks to OpenGL optimization.
  • Fixed possible issues with saving archives of the size over 20TB.
  • Fixed the certificate error in VPN connection to a Xeoma server.
  • Fixed work with h265 streams of Dahua cameras.
  • Fixed mix-up of different camera images when several FTP Receiver modules are used.
  • Fixed issue with files getting cut off when the Save to file module is used for high definition cameras.
  • Cross-line Detector: fixed the Reset Interval.


12 October 2017: New article

Video surveillance systems in cinemas

Video surveillance cameras in the cinema will help avoid conflict situations, when visitors drink alcohol drinks in cinema halls; help fight against pirates who shoot films in cinema halls on their devices; and amazingly aid in increasing the movie theater’s profits. Information about number of people visiting the movie show, their gender and age is valuable for advertisers… Read more


6 October 2017: New article

RTSP Broadcasting

Data transmission over long distances is being improved, as new ways of facilitating this process are introduced (e.g. H.265), and Xeoma is keeping its eyes on the ball, ready to embrace the new technology. Xeoma’s “RTSP Broadcasting” module – it allows to convert any stream into RTSP (including H.264), be it analog, USB or IP camera. Read more


6 September 2017: New article

Deep learning technology

Deep learning is AI’s future in a whole lot of areas, especially the ones with high responsibility, as for example video surveillance. Deep learning technology enables machines to perform complex visual analysis, identifying the gender, age range and emotional state of the identified persons, as well as detecting, whether the person is wearing glasses. Read more


5 September 2017: New article

Safe City

Installation of video cameras with Xeoma within the framework of the “Secure Yard” project helps reduce the risk of car theft, vandalism acts, property damage, attempt on somebody’s life. Read more


31 August 2017: New version

New Xeoma 17.8.31

In the new version you will find:

  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added new web interface for admin and users. New Admin page allows administrator to manage Cloud and users, and User page is for users to view their cameras, their records, and run search for cameras – all in browser.
  • Added search for cameras through web interface.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added option to limit how many sub-users your Cloud subscriber is allowed to create.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added option to check both login and password for authorization (for example, login@password) when default password-only check is not enough secure.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added option to set up the “FTP Upload” module in configuration files in addition to previously available setup through UI (client connection).
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: optimized log in Xeoma_cloud.log file.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: fixed the ClientsCountLimit option for limitation of user connections when 0 is set.
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: fixed import and export of settings.
  • Xeoma Pro: added option to select detection zone for iANPR library in the “ANPR” module.
  • Xeoma Pro: added %FACESCOUNT% macro that allows to send number of faces detected by “Face Detector” to destination modules “HTTP Request Sender”, “Application Runner” and “Send Email”.
  • Xeoma Pro: enhanced training and further recognition of faces in “Face Detector”.
  • Web Server: added new web interface for web browser view. More features of the client connection are now available in browser including camera search, addition or setup.
  • Added failover settings. Now you can have one or several backup servers for automatic switch in case of failure of your main servers. Find that option in Main menu -> Install -> Backup server.
  • Added support for CUDA hardware acceleration under Linux. If your graphics card supports the CUDA technology, it might help reduce overall CPU load.
  • Universal Camera: added option to buffer the incoming stream. It will aid to smoother real-time view of cameras.
  • Multi-server mode: Xeoma will now remember what Pages you had set in Layouts and your last viewed Page, and re-open it next time you connect.
  • Device List: added option to toggle/expand all groups and sub-groups.
  • Device List: added opportunity to change the Device List’s window size by dragging its ends.
  • Camera search: added opportunity to enter several passwords, usernames, and ports for search at the same time.
  • HTTP Request Sender: added new mode of work to send commands at certain intervals of time.
  • Added opportunity to disable saving of metadata from Motion Detector to the database to reduce its size significantly. Choose this option if you don’t need search by area or visualization of motion objects in the Xeoma’s Archive viewer, and you want smaller database size.
  • Enhanced ONVIF search for cameras, including LTV brand.
  • Added support for flash (flv) stream from the Maginon IPC camera.
  • Fixed issue where big-sized archives would freeze when overwriting was engaged.
  • Fixed display of more than 6 cameras in web browser interface.
  • Fixed remote access to web interface when 10090 port is forwarded.
  • Fixed disappearance of PTZ control at server restarts.
  • Fixed frequent deactivation of licenses on virtual machines when Internet access is unstable.
  • Fixed activation of 10 or more serial numbers at the same time.
  • Fixed search for Novicam DVR AR1108;
  • Fixed information on preview from modules ANPR, Object Detector, Face Detector under Linux;
  • Fixed high load issue under Linux when the client part is minimized;
  • Optimized load from client conncetion;
  • Fixed camera names displayed in Multi-server mode;
  • Fixed crash when motion search by area is engaged under ARM platform.


6 June 2017: New article

Choosing the right operating system for your video surveillance

We often hear questions how to choose the right operating system for the video surveillance installation. In this article we will answer this and other questions about perfect operating system. Read more


31 May 2017: New article

Video surveillance installation in the horticultural society

A summer cottage is the place, in which we invest our time and energies. Unfortunately, in our time cases of property and harvest theft occur increasingly frequently in horticultural societies, so the issue of security protection in horticultural societies is the most urgent. Read more


5 May 2017: New version

New Xeoma 17.5.5

In the new version you will find:

  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added enhanced background monitoring of cloud service process with automatic restarts;
  • ANPR: Added support for a newer version of iANPR tool (v.1.5). Among other great enhancements it can now recognize license plates of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Moldova Republic. Also, it offers possibility to set minimum and maximum size of plates to recognize, which will aid in enhancing successful recognition rate;
  • Fixed time in “Marking”, “Scheduler”, “Sending Email” modules: now it will be according to your time zone;
  • Fixed the “Can’t rename file” error in archive that was caused by wrong time stamps.


2 May 2017: New article

HTTP upload to other Xeoma

If you ever wondered how you can transmit live video with sound from an embedded camera from one Xeoma to another (or, to Xeoma Cloud for off-site storage), you will find answers in our new article. Works for screen captures as well!


20 April 2017: New article

Video surveillance system in the parking space

Leaving the car in the parking space, the car owner wants to be sure in its safety. But often even here unpleasant situations occur. Video surveillance system installation will help improve the safety of the parking space, and will also help identify those guilty for the incidents… Read more


13 April 2017: New article

Security camera installation in the shop center

A shop center can become a potential threat for both visitors and trading spaces tenants. The place that is visited by thousands of people daily can become attractive for both terrorists and thieves. To ensure security in such a construction, it is necessary to apply intensive measures, and video surveillance system will become an ideal assistant in this business. See details here


31 March 2017: New version

New Xeoma Beta 17.3.30

The new beta version Xeoma 17.3.30 is already available on the official site! In it we did a good job reducing the overall processor load and enhanced the “Email Sending” module. See details here


27 March 2017: New article

Video surveillance system at sports building

A healthy lifestyle is in fashion today. Sports facilities can be considered as places, where a large number of people gathers in masses. The more popular the object is, the closer attention should be paid on the part of ensuring security. On the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup… Read more


23 March 2017: New article

Residential complex: video surveillance installation

Residential complex unites a large number of residents with the different upbringing level in one territory. The video surveillance installation will make the residential complex more secure and will help deal with most of these problems, and most importantly – secure housing from intruders… Read more


13 March 2017: Announcement

Discontinued support for Widnows XP, Vista, Linux Ubuntu 11.10 or lower, 32 bit Mac OS and Raspberry Pi1 device

Xeoma is a cutting-edge and very fast developing program. New technologies are being constantly utilized to bring you the best performance and the contemporary set of features. Unfortunately, new techniques are not supported in older operating systems like Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu 11.10 or lower. That’s why newer versions of Xeoma, released after April-May 2017, will not be working on these outdated OSes. Please make sure to upgrade to a more recent operating system if you are planning to use new versions of Xeoma.

We are on the constant lookout for latest of what technology has to offer to keep up with the growing needs for better, more effective video surveillance. That’s what makes Xeoma bestseller in video surveillance and #1 choice for protecting home and work.


9 March 2017: New version

New Xeoma Beta 17.3.1

In the new version you will find:

  • PRO: added new visual web admin page for administrator of Xeoma Pro Your Cloud. All actions that you could do through configuration files are now available through the new interface;
  • PRO: added a special feature called “1-click Cloud” for addition of “local” cameras to your Cloud server. Once you have connected “local” cameras to a “local” Xeoma, go to Main menu -> Cloud service. Authorization form will appear for IP address and login for the Cloud server. If done correctly, your cameras will be automatically added on the Cloud server side (by means of HTTP Receiver and HTTP Sender modules);
  • PRO: added option to send screenshots to an external module or script in the “ANPR” module;
  • PRO: added a new “Cross-line Detection” module. It will detect crossing a line you drew only when the line is crossed in the needed direction. Handy for everywhere where direction matters like checkpoints and retail stores;
  • PRO: RTSP Broadcaster module can now emulate ONVIF PTZ. It means you can broadcast an rtsp stream that will respond to PTZ commands;
  • PRO: added option to activate license for the ianpr library in the “ANPR” module;
  • Added visualization of path direction for preview (Single or Multicamera View). You will see arrows now showing where the detected object has been moving;
  • HTTP Marking: added search by ID you used. Find the search box in archive’s menu. Also, with the free rebranding utility you can place a quick-access button for this option in archive icon bar. See more about in Article about HTTP Marking module ;
  • Web server interface design enhanced for a better user experience;
  • Added support for SSL/TLS certificates for clients on mobile devices. The certificate you use will be downloaded to the mobile device from your Xeoma server;
  • Onvif DVR streams are now automatically added as separate cameras;
  • Added support for h264 streams transmitted over http;
  • Added support for DVR HIKVISION DS-7216HGHI-F;
  • Added support for the .m3u8 format of streams;
  • Added scrollbar to Device List. If you have a lot of cameras and groups you can now conveniently scroll them up or down;
  • Connection dialog now saves combination to the same servers with different ports or under different users;
  • Screenshot: when direct saving to the archive is used, screenshot is now saved off the archive stream, not off the preview stream as previously;
  • Camera names are now saved also after drag and drop of Device List dialog;
  • Added Automatic switch to 24h or 12h format for browser view;
  • Added option to disable the “Low fps may ne caused by low network speed to Client” message in preview screen;
  • Fixed camera freezes when the “Save To File” module is used;
  • Fixed crash in the “Object Detector” module;
  • Fixed the current sensitivity level bar in Motion Detector;
  • Fixed the issue with low fps in Windows when many cameras are in preview window;
  • Fixed cameras freezing when the Unitor module is used;
  • Fixed names of files send via the Email Sending module;
  • PRO: fixed the monitored zone in the ANPR module.


9 March 2017: New article

Recreation department: provide security

The hottest time of the year is at hand, and it means that very soon the season of active recreation will be opened. Recreation department is one of the most popular places for active recreation. It’s time to take care about security protection, and video surveillance system will help you in this business… Read more


2 March 2017: New article

Video surveillance system at a petrol filling station

Now we live in the period of high prices and low incomes, and prices for petrol are constantly on the rise.
Petrol filling station robberies occur with increasing frequency during the past years, and now you will hardly ever find a petrol filling station, which is not equipped with video surveillance system. Nowadays this is the most effective means… Read more


17 February 2017: New article

Video Surveillance for Newbies

This guide will help you create your camera security system and start using Xeoma, even with no technological background. Read more


13 February 2017: New article

Video surveillance installation in the institutions of higher education

Often in educational institutions arguments arise regarding lecturer’s qualification and student’s diligence. Without video surveillance it is difficult to define those responsible for vandalism acts, as well as to determine who of the conflicting parties is in the right. Video surveillance installation will help solve a number of problems… Read more


30 January 2017: New article

How video surveillance provides security at a railway station

Public places, where a great number of people gather in masses, become a potential threat to human security, especially at a railway station. Software for video surveillance Xeoma may become your indispensable assistant in this difficult matter… Read more


25 January 2017: New article

Asus Tinker single board computer

Raspberry Pi’s fame and success has been long exciting the minds of manufacturers that dream to get a share of single board computers market. Asus Tinker Board is yet another RPI competitor, this time from a popular brand Asus. Learn more about the board in our new article.

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