News for Xeoma CCTV software for 2015

30 December 2015: New version

New beta version Xeoma 15.12.30

In the new beta version Xeoma 15.12.30 option to restrict usage of the “Object Detector”, “Face Detector”, “Privacy Masking”, “Fisheye Dewarping” modules was added in Xeoma Pro Your Cloud in addition to the previously supported restriction of “Unitor”, “Image Resize”, “Universal Camera”, etc. Also added is hardware acceleration for NVidia CUDA video graphics card in addition to the previously supported embedded Intel (for Windows only). Now, when available, you can turn hardware acceleration on for your NVidia CUDA in the settings of the “Universal camera” module. Added PTZ for Geovision sd220 camera. Work of Web Server in Firefox and Chrome is enhanced so that now Web Server’s direct MJPG link loads up in these browsers without errors.

21 December 2015: New version

New beta version Xeoma 15.12.21

In the new beta version Xeoma 15.12.21 added improved decoding of H264 streams: now it’s done on the client side. It means that processor load of processing H264 (rtsp) streams will be shifted from the server to clients that request to view the stream, thus unloading the server and allowing it to connect to more cameras.

An option to limit maximum parameters (bitrate and resolution) of H264 streams that subscribers can use is added for Xeoma Pro Your Cloud. Good news for owners of TrendNet TV-121WN camera: in Xeoma 15.12.21 added support for sound of this model. Usability is also enhanced: more precise information why archive might not be recorded is now shown on the preview.

Further improvements of work with cameras include newly added option to not use camera’s sound stream if you don’t want to (find it in Universal camera settings). Also there is added option to not use camera’s PTZ if you don’t want to, or if it doesn’t have it yet Xeoma shows the PTZ control and it bothers you.

Fixed bug in “Unitor” where both cameras would stop working if one of the cameras froze.

8 December 2015: New version

New Xeoma 15.12.8

Xeoma 15.12.8’s changes:

Improvements: Enhanced usability – when you turn off a camera manually in the settings, Xeoma will remind you of that showing this warning in camera’s preview box. Simplified tracking counter for moving objects in the Object Detector (instead of long numbers like before).

Fixes: Fixed stuttering of sound in “Another Xeoma” and Multi-server mode. Fixed issue in “Save to File” of path not getting changed automatically when the type of stored files is changed. Fixed issue with motion not being correctly detected on D-Link cameras. Fixed freezing of client on Ubuntu during fast switching between single camera and multi cameras modes.

23 November 2015: New version

New Xeoma 15.11.23

Xeoma 15.11.23 presents further modifications of the Free edition conditions: now it doesn’t offer features you wouldn’t need in a simple 2-cameras-installation to make it easier to use. Check full list of new Free edition’s features.

Also enhanced is pre-record: now you can set it to up to 10 minutes. This will come in handy if you need to have recordings for some time in advance before the motion event started. Moreover, pre-record setting is moved to the corresponding destination module’s settings (Preview and Archive, Save to File, etc.) so now you can set different pre-record time, for example, for Email Sending, Archive and Save to File connected to the same Motion Detector.

Letters sent with the Email Sending module now show what camera they come from. Fixed installation false error message that client cannot connect to the server, and Motion Detector’s current sensitivity level issue.

20 November 2015: New version

New Xeoma 15.11.20

New version’s highlights: modification of Free edition’s conditions. Only modules of Lite version are now allowed in the Free edition. We fixed Problems Detector’s false alarms caused by camera’s Date and Time overlay, and the issue with sending notifications about appearance of a problem.

Also fixed are issues with ftp upload and ptz on Mac OS, deletion of the “Preview and Preview” module, and crash that used to appear when camera was added in Xeoma Cloud.

For more details please visit this page. Download the new Xeoma 15.11.20 here

12 November 2015: New version

New beta version Xeoma 15.11.12

In Xeoma 15.11.12 we added color distinction for cameras in the multiple archives view mode. Every camera’s timeline is now of the same special color as its preview box frame. Work with cameras enhanced: now, when new cameras are added, lower resolution URL is set for ‘old’ cameras. It helps reduce processor load. Enhanced security: passwords are replaced with asterisks for password boxes.

We also improved installation of new versions of Xeoma and fixed the scrolling crash in the filters settings.

See more on the Changes History page. Download the new Xeoma 15.11.12 here

6 November 2015: New version

New Xeoma 15.11.6

The new official version introduces 2 new modules. One of them – Face Detector – is available only in PRO edition and is meant for detection of human faces in the cameras’ field of view. It can be used to detect excessive presence of people where they are not supposed to be or, in reverse, detect if there are insufficient staff.

The other new module – Object Detector – is available in the standard Xeoma edition. It’s an enhanced version of Motion Detector that will allow to follow objects around even if they are not moving, and distinguish separate objects from each other.

Apart from that, the new version offers a few important bug fixes and usability improvements. See more on the Changes History page.

Download the new Xeoma 15.11.6 here

30 October 2015: New announcement

Discontinued operating systems

In the near future we are moving Xeoma to a new standard for more effective work. Unfortunately, it means that some of outdated operating systems will be no longer supported in the new versions of Xeoma. These operating systems are: Windows XP SP2 32bit, Mac OS X 10.6 or lower, Ubuntu 9.04, Android 2.3.2 or lower, iOS lower than 5.

If you are using Xeoma on one of the listed OSes, please consider moving to its more recent versions, to be able to get new versions of Xeoma in the future. Alternatively, you can continue using Xeoma on the discontinued OS (old versions of Xeoma will still work) but make sure not to update Xeoma to new versions.

We apologize for the inconveniences and hope that the new improved Xeoma will prove worth the trouble!

26 October 2015: New version

New Xeoma 15.10.26

In this new version you will find support for maps in PNG and BMP format (in addition to the already supported JPG). Also improved was visualization of which archive is now being played alongside cameras live previews. Usability improvements include improved interface (now you can see options and modules available in other Xeoma editions) and automatic update improvements (once the trial version is activated, automatic updates for the server get turned off and you can enable it manually).

Fixed installation issues (‘Run as superuser failed’ error on Raspbian and Debian) and bug of when Xeoma offered to repeat search for cameras although cameras were actually found.

Download the new version here

23 October 2015: New article

Cheaper than DVR? Video surveillance with Raspberry Pi!

In this manual we are going to disclose a secret how to make your video surveillance cheaper. For this you will need Raspberry Pi single-board computer, Xeoma and a simple IP camera.

23 October 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.10.22

In this new version we went even farther with Pro enhancements. Now the edition also includes the Privacy Masking module that allows to dynamically blur areas in view of camera that you are not allowed to record. The module will come in especially handy in countries when recording private property is illegal.

We also enhanced regular Xeoma, namely work of FTP Upload module with several cameras (Falcon Eye, Tenvis).

23 October 2015: New feature

What is eMap and why do you need it?

E-Map displays the monitoring area on an electronic map, by which the operator can easily find the cameras. Download the facility plan to the program and locate security equipment. Drag and drop camera icons on the scheme, name your cameras and specify each camera angle. To improve video surveillance effectiveness please use the built-in motion and noise detectors. As soon as one of the detectors will trigger, Xeoma will show you what is happening on the map. You will see the red sensor and can easily determine in which room there was a movement or noise threshold exceeded the limit. Navigate to camera preview in 1 second!

Now video surveillance with Xeoma is even simpler, easier and faster!


21 October 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.10.21

New Xeoma 15.10.21’s improvements: added e-Map to place cameras on a map of the location and keep track of them (see it in Layouts menu), simultaneous view of multiple archives; view of a camera’s archive right on the Multi Cameras View Screen (main screen where all cameras are shown), and LDAP (user active directory) synchronization for more efficient system administration – one password for all services. All four are available in Pro edition.

Regular Xeoma now has a command to activate and turn on Repeater – service for easy remote access – from the console. Installation dialog now offers to install just the server part of Xeoma by default. Connection dialog now “remembers” addresses you input, and warning and error messages on preview are now shown only when necessary. The re-index option in the archive viewer now works for all cameras at once. Fixed the black screen bug for Win XP. New variant of video retention period (40 days) added.

Are you impressed? Download the new version here or from the program’s user interface.

7 October 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.10.7

Xeoma 15.10.7’s improvements: enhanced layouts’s custom-sized grid (‘Layouts’ menu in the lower panel -> ‘Larger grid mode’ -> Select the desired grid and mode) where you can view cameras in bigger slots. Another good news is that MJPEG cameras streaming over RTSP now can also be connected to Xeoma Cloud. This and all most important bug fixes and usability improvements are at your disposal in the new version. Download it here or from the program’s user interface.

1 September 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.9.1

New version Xeoma 15.9.1 is already available to try. This time we offer you few improvements – additional information of your camera in Universal Camera settings, fixed Archive sound issue and updated Android version. Learn more about the updates.

27 August 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.8.27

New version Xeoma 15.8.27 is ready to download! We have added support for Falcon Eye cameras. IP cameras’ diagnostic is improved. The issue with offline activation is solved. The problem with false triggering in Motion Detector is fixed. Learn more about this new version’s improvements.

21 August 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.8.21

New version Xeoma 15.8.21 is available to download! From now on Xeoma is available for Linux based on ARM processor (e.g. Raspberry Pi)! Also, the new version offers some fixes and improvements of Universal Camera settings, ANPR module and Motion Detector module in Xeoma Pro Your Cloud.

14 August 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.8.14

This new version Xeoma 15.8.14 contains new improvements and fixes. Thanks to new parameter for configs in Xeoma Pro Your Cloud you can now disable/enable CVS-reports saving. Users rights setting are more convenient now with the possibility to tick/untick options of cameras permissions separately. The issue with switching to a single camera view in Web Server has been fixed. Learn more about improvements here.

8 August 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.8.7

New version Xeoma 15.8.7 offers some fixes and improvements. For instance, now you can use individual settings for each user profile to save unique cameras order. Fixed are issues with the “ANPR”‘s detection methods, transparency in the multiserver mode, text overlays in the “Information” menu of a customized Xeoma, AAC sound crash, and updates crash on Windows. Also “Problems Detector” and “Visitor Counter” modules have been enhanced. Learn more

27 July 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.7.27

New Xeoma 15.7.27 features improvements of several modules’ work: “Email Sending”, “Archive” and “Problems Detector”. The work of multiserver mode is even more convenient now.

22 July 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.7.22

In this new version Xeoma 15.7.22 we have improved displaying of recognized license plate for Xeoma Pro users. Now you can update your server version automatically. Search by motion and motion visualization in the archive are once again available in the regular Xeoma (trial and commercial modes). The “Universal Camera”, the “Sending Email” and the “Problems Detector” modules have been upgraded. Learn about more changes and improvements. Download new version or update automatically from your Xeoma.

13 July 2015: New article

Hospital Security: Patient Monitoring

A simple but effective patient monitoring system, even created with your own hands, could be a part of hospital security giving you piece of mind thanks to ability to check on a patient, especially high-risk patients, remotely once you have a free minute. Read more

10 July 2015: New article

Panic Button and Video Surveillance Software Xeoma

Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable or unsafe to call for help outright in case not to escalate the situation. For such moments there is a panic button that allows a person under duress to quickly and silently call for help. Learn how to use a virtual panic button in Xeoma.

7 July 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.7.7

New version Xeoma 15.7.7 is already available! Better conditions for Xeoma Pro, new possibility to generate csv reports, enhancements of the ANPR and other modules, and even more. Update to the new version via the embedded updates or download it from our site!

6 July 2015: New publication

How to find the right security camera video management system

A thorough comparison of most popular video surveillance programs in the market from the real user’s point of view. Must read for those getting to create their own do-it-yourself home video surveillance system.

29 June 2015: New version

Xeoma 15.6.29

In this new version we have enhanced the customization tool adding more options for more efficient work.

26 June 2015: New version

New version Xeoma 15.6.26 is already released

New version features modifications on all levels: new product (Xeoma Lite), new modules, enhancements of Xeoma Pro, Xeoma Cloud, all essential options and usability improvements! Full list here.

22 June 2015: New article

Nanny Cam – YES or NO?

A nanny camera will give you a peace of mind when you leave your child with a babysitter. But before you install a camera, weigh all pros and cons and think whether it will help or hurt your situation.

10 June 2015: New version

New Xeoma 15.6.10 released

New version’s improvements: digital zoom, PTZ tracking, support for H.265 cameras, Fisheye Dewarping, Problems Detector, Pop-up Window in Android and so much more!

8 June 2015: New publication

Hikvision IP cameras with Xeoma NVR software solution

Xeoma makes it easy to manage your camera and if you have Hikvision IP cameras, it is the only one that displays/records correctly the streams (in addtion to Hikvision own software).

3 June 2015: New publication

Free home surveillance with DVR

Xeoma + Chromecast = easy and enjoyable home surveillance. Check out this formula in the new guide!

27 May 2015: New publication

House safety with Xeoma

Ease of installation and work with Xeoma Ubuntu Server with a few D-Link cameras is described in this review. It will guide you on how to can protect your house, for example to prevent stealing bank mails from the mailbox.

15 May 2015: New publication

Hikvision. Android. Xeoma

New review is a case study of using Xeoma with a Hikvision camera on an Android device. 100% natural user experience.

14 May 2015: New publication

Counting cars with Xeoma

With the help of a Motion Detector and your own script you can count cars in Xeoma! Learn how in this new article about Xeoma.

13 May 2015: New article

Security solutions for your business

A good business owner is all out for protecting every aspect of it. Learn how to keep your business safe.

13 May 2015: New article

Proxy server setup in Xeoma

If your Internet access is through proxy, you might want to set Xeoma up to work with that proxy. Xeoma can work in your LAN, without Internet connection, but it is needed if you want to activate your license or get an automatic update of your Xeoma. Read more

30 April 2015: New article

Button Switcher module

This module allows for quick turning on/off of the modules in the chain connected after this module with the help of the button in the lower panel or option in Main menu. You will find more information in our article.

17 April 2015: New article

False Alarms Issues

Trying to set your security system to work right? Tired of constant false alarms? Learn how to get rid of this problem with Xeoma Video Surveillance Software.

16 April 2015: New article

Sabotage detector: when video analytics help detect cameras being tampered with

Have you ever considered the pros of having your cameras smashed? Our new article might be a revelation to you!

  • 25 February 2015: New Xeoma 15.2.25 version is released and ready to be downloaded now! In this version we have added the new “Image Rotate” filter module, Screenshot button for instant stills, Device List for easy management of cameras and groups, and many other features!
  • 11 February 2015: Special offer! Buy economy pack 1: 75% discount for renew license for 1 year when bought together with ordinary Xeoma license! Economy pack 2: 80% discount for renew license for 2 years when bought together with ordinary Xeoma license!

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