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The new Xeoma’s version – Starter: Special offer

A new version in Xeoma - Starter
Video surveillance has become even more affordable with the new Xeoma’s version – Starter.

You have the opportunity to set up modern video surveillance software with the most useful features just for $5.95.
This is a limited offer. You’ll have 1 month to purchase a Starter license and get the most efficient Xeoma version for beginners.

Why choose Starter?

It’s perfect for:
Home users – the most frequently used features for the price of a cup of coffee. Easy installation, perpetual use. 2 cameras connection will allow you to set up indoor and outdoor surveillance.

Resellers – exclusive discount! If you purchase 100 licenses at once, it’ll cost you only $3.95 per 1 license. Free rebranding included (create your own OEM product based on Xeoma).

Startup businesses – no need to invest big amount of money in surveillance system when you’re only at the beginning of the way, start with the best and basic opportunities of Xeoma Starter with great service quality.

Why is it better than the Free version?

    $5.95 for a license including the following:

  • Remote access
  • Free rebranding/customization opportunity
  • Unlimited number of cameras for a preview
  • Super low price for the Perpetual license with 1-month updating period.
    Only $5.95 for a license
    Only $3.95 for a license when purchasing more than 100 Starter licenses
  • 2 sources are available to record into archive

More than 20 most frequently used modules are available (including Camera, Schedule, Marking, Motion Detection, Email Sending, Archive and Preview), as well as multiple features (including motion visualization, device list, etc.).

Contact us if you want to know more about the Starter version or in case of a purchase.

October 13, 2020

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